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Yvon was Svetlana's first husband.


He reemerged in Season 7, where Svetlana masqueraded him as her father. She allowed him to move in with her Kevin and Veronica while acting as a grandfather to the kids. He is shown to be very rude and snarky making fun of Kevin in his native language. He also showed a perverted side as he would sometimes flash himself in front of Veronica.

Once Kevin and Veronica discover Svetlana having sex with Yvon, she reveals that he is really her estranged husband and confront her, Svetlana goes to "take care of it" and returns to the Alibi Room with blood on her face and clothing. It is implied that Svetlana killed Yvon. This is further implied when Svetlana stated to a therapist that she got rid of the angry Yvon. This also led to Kevin opening his eyes about Lana.