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Yevgeny Milkovich is the son of Svetlana and Mickey Milkovich.


Season 4

In Long Way From Home, it is revealed that Svetlana is pregnant with what is supposedly Mickey's child, and that he is going to marry her after Terry Milkovich hires her to rape Mickey after he catches him and Ian together in Cascading Failures.

In Hope Springs Eternal, Svetlana gives birth. Mickey refuses to come to the hospital to be with her when Mandy tries to pressure him to do so. Mickey also voices his doubts of the baby even being his.

In The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Svetlana is angry that Mickey doesn't seem to even care about Yevgeny and also insists that she needs money for baby supplies.

In Emily, Svetlana insists on having a Russian Orthodox baptism for Yevgeny. When Terry is released, he excitedly meets his grandson and holds him before fighting with Mickey after he comes out.

In Lazarus, Svetlana insists again that Mickey take a more active role in helping with the baby.

Season 5

Later on, it seems that Mickey is more involved, more willingly in Yevgeny's life and tries to be fatherly to him, while Ian enthusiastically helps take care of him.

In Crazy Love, Ian steals Yevgeny and takes him on a road trip in a full psychotic break which also shows Mickey's concern for his son's safety. After Ian is released, Mickey is shown Yevgeny by the cops and he is happy to see him again and holds his son.

Season 6

With his father in jail, he and his mother visit him along with Ian. He is happy to see his father again while Mickey is amused to see him.

Later on, his mother decided to leave the Milkovich house and they come to live in the Ball House.

Season 7

He is mostly seen being tended to by his mother who has now married Veronica. Yev is mostly seen playing with his new step-siblings Amy and Gemma.

Season 8

When Lana is imprisoned and nearly deported, V takes Yevgeny with her to visit Svetlana. Yevegeny is happy to see his mother and V uses him as a way to get Svetlana to accept her terms since she needed to be in her child's life. Lana looked at her son and reluctantly agreed to them.

When Svetlana marries a new man, she decides to leave Kev and V while taking her son with her.


  • He is named after his grandfather; Svetlana typically uses the Russian pronunciation of his name (Evgeni).
  • It is unknown if Mickey is Yevgeny's biological father. Another possibility is Terry, who also has had sex with Svetlana.
  • Since Mickey returned in season 10, there was no mention of Yevgeny.