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Alexandra "Xan" Galvez is a recurring character in Season 8 and Season 9 of Shameless. She was being cared for by Phillip Gallagher.


Season 8

Eddie splits with a random man and leaves behind her niece, Xan. She also called CPS for taking in Xan for a few days.

Season 9

Lip takes care of Xan.

In Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian, she is staying at the Gallagher Household. She later skips school to attend Brad's wedding with Lip. She dances with Tami and Lip at the reception until she starts to dance with a boy named Ted. They FaceTime later that night until Lip hangs up the phone.

In Mo White!, she is having breakfast when Kevin Ball arrives asking for someone to baby sit Amy and Jemma. When everyone else declines, she offers to watch the girls.

She brings the girls to the park when a woman and her daughter arrive and have small talk about the girls. When they aren't looking, Xan tries to steal money from her wallet, but the woman notices. Once caught, she leaves with the wallet and without Amy or Gemma. She is later sitting on a bench when Lip finds her and she runs away. Thinking he will call Department of Children and Family Services, she tries to fight him and run but Lip tells her he's on her side. When Lip asks why she's stealing, she tells him about leaving money for her mom. She later stays with Lip at work.

Xan returns after her mom abandons her at a motel. She spends a few days at a truck stop waiting for her mom before making her way to the Gallagher house. Lip attempts to foster Xan in order to ultimately adopt her, but Fiona accidentally ruins Lip's chances when the Department of Children and Family Services makes an unannounced visit.


  • Her mom is the half-sister of Eddie.