Wyatt Gallagher is one of Frank Gallagher's brothers. His mother describes him as the 'baby', indicating that he is likely the youngest of her children.


Season 1

In Daddyz Girl, while being visited by Lip and Ian, Peggy Gallagher mentioned that Wyatt is not a possible candidate for Ian's father as he had lost his testicles in the Navy.

Season 2

After Peggy's death in Parenthood, Wyatt was sent money by her along with Clayton and Jerry.


  • He was the only uncle not visited by Lip and Ian.
  • It is unknown if he will ever appear.
  • It is unknown what terms he is on with his brothers, though Frank mentions that Wyatt and the others were the favorites.
  • Unlike his brothers, Wyatt seems to have been on good terms with his mother, due to her affectionate regard to him.

Episode Appearances

Shameless (US)

Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

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