Who's the Mummy? is the fourth episode of the tenth series of Shameless.


Billy discovers a used pregnancy test after Mimi, Karen and Gloria spend the night boozing. He turns to Jamie for advice, and both of them set out to discover who's the daddy...

Jackson is suspicious because Avril and Calum are always together after hours, but when he sneers at an invitation to go clubbing, Avril leaves him behind and makes it a night to remember.

Aidan and Chesney collect meat for a raffle and manage to get stuck with a live cow, a guilt-ridden Shane starts watching the family of the man he's killed, and Gloria turns to Dom when she gets into trouble with a loan company.

Post Credit Scene

The area outside The Jockey is shown to be completely empty as Western movie style music plays and the camera is tinted slightly orange. Alan the cow is shown standing still outside Lillian's Brothel. Alan's mouth twitches as a male voice is heard saying "you must be the one they call Terry the terrapin" the camera cuts to show Frank's pet terrapin standing opposite Alan who continues "I've heard tell of you and what do they say about me, Alan the cow. You survived many months in the pocket of a man soaked in piss and alcohol" the camera cuts back to Terry as another voice says "this is true". The camera cuts back to Alan and he continues "and that you have taken on the characteristics of the man they call Frank Gallagher", Terry says "this also is true", "we have much to learn from you" replies Alan before the camera cuts back to Terry one last time as he asks "got any drugs?"


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jennifer James - Ruthie
  • Lee Abbate - Sean
  • Alexis Platt - Farmer
  • Steve Cooper - Eric
  • Jamie Davis - Calum
  • David Robertson - Charlie



Chesney: Don't ever Google milking on the Internet
Aidan: It's only a matter of time before someone lets slip to Jamie that 
there's a cow on the estate.
Chesney: Just do your self a favour mate, don't ever Google milking on the 
Internet. It won't come back the way your thought.
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