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When There's a Will is the eighth episode of the  Season 3 of the US version of Shameless.


The Gallaghers try to come up with a plan on how to fight back on keeping the home after learning that cousin Patrick Gallagher filed in a equally forged will. After many attempts to get rid of him fail, Carl poisons Patrick to kill him but he survives.

Fiona and Jimmy start their new jobs working with city waste which Jimmy quits but gets a job at a coffee shop.

Frank gets kicked out of Sheila's home; he continues to attend court-ordered alcoholics anonymous class and makes friends with a fellow member as he decides to pose as his sponsor in order to have a place to stay. Come to find out the man was just looking for a sponsor because he wanted a friend, he isn't really an alcoholic.

After a fight with Lip, which Karen instigated, Mandy moves out of the Gallagher home. He then visits Karen and they have sex. Sheila and Karen attend a down-syndrome support group. Sheila later learns from baby Hymie's other grandmother, Mrs. Wong, that Karen called her in order for them to take Hymie with them so she can return home.

Veronica and Kev continue their quest on having a child as Veronica's mom, Carol, starts turning up the romance; she might be slowly developing feelings for Kev.

When Patrick brings the police to evict the Gallaghers, Debbie claims he had sexually molested her. While he was being arrested by Tony Markovich, Fiona starts negotiations for a 50-year lease at $500 per month down from the $1800 he originally wanted. He begrudgingly accepts the offer and is released.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Christian Clemenson - Christopher Collier
  • Bernardo de Paula - Beto
  • Josh Perry - Jeremy
  • Elizabeth Sung - Mrs. Wong
  • Sunkrish Bala - Andy
  • Tara Karsian - Celia
  • Brent Sexton - Patrick Gallagher
  • Verda Bridges - AA Leader
  • Jerome Ro Brooks - Black Man
  • Bridget M. Brown - Down Syndrome Sister
  • James J. Collins - Court Clerk
  • Jonathan Erickson Eisley - Hippie Dad
  • Laurie Hendler - Activist Mother
  • Bryan Kelly - Menacing Man
  • Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
  • Audrey Morgan - Homeless Lady
  • Barb Rossmeisl - Patrick's Wife
  • Andrew White - Market Owner
  • Nancy Youngblut - Mrs. Kandage
  • Christopher Kahler - Nerney


  • The Gallaghers officially declare Ginger dead.
  • This marks the first appearance of Patrick Gallagher, who is the cousin of Frank.
    • Patrick is married with two sons.
    • Patrick kicks the Gallagher children out of the house.
  • Sheila kicks Frank out, leaving him homeless.