What Are Friends For? is the eighth episode of the tenth series of Shameless.


Dominic's reason for leaving the priesthood, that he got a teenage girl pregnant, catches up with him when he receives a text from her. She has had a miscarriage and though Dominic tried to comfort her, she commits suicide. Dominic struggles to cope with the news and soon loses his faith in God completely. Enlisting the help of Frank, Dom decides to commit suicide himself.

Lillian's favorite magistrate finds himself in some trouble when he charges a trip to the Brothel to his expense account under "life coach". His bosses decide they want to interview his "life coach" and Lillian is forced to play the part. The magistrate teaches Lillian what to say to their questions but Lillian begins to fall for him in the process.

Letitia finds her self dissatisfied with the boys her friends are sleeping with and sets her sights on Aidan. Avril feels like it would be sleeping with her brother but wants her first time to be with someone more experienced. An oblivious Aidan has started a relationship with someone else but Letitia is determined to lose her virginity to him.

Post Credit Scene

Letitia skips along the street outside her house looking happy as the song Bring Me Sunshine by Jack Greene plays in the background. She swings around a lampost and says a cheery "morning" to everyone she passes. After she says it to two elderly women and walks away one of the women turns to the other and says "someone's popped their cherry" before laughing. Letitia runs back to the women, puts an arm around each of them and says "front door and back, baptisimal fire" and smiles before walking away as the two women look at each other shocked then burst into laughter.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Dominic Meak
  • Letitia loses her virginity to Dominic.
  • Jackson admits he has only ever slept with two women, Avril and Alyah while Avril admitts though she has always told Jackson he was her first, he was actually her second.
  • Robert Pugh, who plays Malcolm in this episode, has appeared in Shameless before. He portrayed Bernie Creme, the racist Chatsworth Mayor candidate in Episode 10 of Series 2.


Frank: The way I see it, got no faith, you only got two choices. Live with no hope, which brings us here. Or, live with no fear.

Patty: Non prescription, these don't come cheap.
Frank: Oh what cost to your Christian soul?
Patty: What's the point if they won't kill him (Dominic)?
Frank: He'll still be pissed and fall asleep 
Patty: And then what?
Frank: I don't fucking know! Just buy us the time to work on him to talk him out 
of it.
Patty: Let him get on with it, never fecking liked him anyway.
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