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Welcome to the Family is the sixth episode of the second series of Shameless.


Chaos ensues when Mandy realizes she is 5 weeks late for her period, taking a pregnancy test she confirms her fears, she is pregnant with Lip's baby! The only problem is Mandy is meant to be Ian's girlfriend, an arrangement to help keep his homosexuality a secret. The trouble starts when, much to Ian's surprise, the Maguires take him in with open arms but warn that he better love Mandy. While Mandy's mother Mimi starts talking marriage, Ian is forced to go along with everything and pretend it's his baby. The stress get's to him however and he and Lip get into a punch up.

Lip continues his affair with Lena, the friend of Sheila's from the previous episode.

The Jockey's land lady Jez is away on forced training so brewery employee Cassie Western temporarily takes over. Noticing Frank owes £375 on his bar tab she makes it her mission to get it paid. Things soon take a turn however when Cassie gives Frank a proposition: have sex with her and she will clear his tab.

Fiona has her bag snatched by a little boy on her way home from a night out with Veronica. The fact that Steve was trying to stop her getting her bag stolen the night they met only makes her miss him more. She soon perks up however when she traces the thief and begins flirting with his older step-brother, Craig Garland.

Sheila realizes that anything in her system is passed on to babies Nigel and Delia when she breast feeds them, so she decides to stop taking her mountain of medication despite Frank and Karen's warnings.

Meanwhile, Fiona thinks Carl is gay when she discovers Ian's porn and both he and Lip deny any knowledge of it.

Post Credit Scene

A close up of Sheila's face shows her lifting up a camera while the Gallaghers pose for a photo. Kev, Veronica and Marty are seen telling her to take the photo but she doesn't, she just grins as the camera reveals what she is hallucinating. She sees the Gallaghers lined up and dressed in costumes as they dance and sing "So Long, Farewell" from The Sound of Music. Kev, Veronica and Marty can be seen in the background dressed as nuns and joining in along with Carol whose head can be seen over the fence. The camera zooms in on a grinning Sheila again as she says "I think I better lower the dose".


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Ian: Why weren't you more careful? [about Mandy's pregnancy]
Lip: Than what? Johnnies? [condoms] What do you use Ian, bin liners? No you 
use Kash's arse.