We're Going to the Moon is the second episode of the first series of Shameless.


Eddie Jackson hits Frank in The Jockey and tells him to pass the message along to Ian out of anger at catching his daughter Karen giving Ian oral sex in the previous episode. Frank returns to the house covered in blood and hits Ian, the family are horrified and Steve tries to hit Frank back and tells him he is a terrible father.

The next day the Gallaghers become worried when Frank goes missing. With the help of Veronica they begin looking everywhere, Kev asks at The Jockey and Fiona asks Tony for help. No one takes them seriously at first, Frank is often missing, but it is Frank's giro day and he would never miss money. They soon find out that Steve went to speak to Frank in the pub the night before and though he says he only went to apologise and spoke to him only briefly, Lip and Fiona are suspicious.

The family become even more scared when the TV News tells of the Police finding a corpse in a nearby canal that fits Frank's description. Steve and Fiona go to investigate but it is revealed to be a dummy that the Police threw in as a PR Stunt. Frank meanwhile wakes up in France and is soon arrested for a lack of passport and for sleeping in a park. Tony notifies the Gallaghers that the Police will be sending Frank back soon but Veronica suggests that she and Kev drive to France to pick him up so they can bring back some duty free alcohol.

Fiona meanwhile realizes that Steve's cigarette packet has a French health warning and confronts him, Steve admits to driving Frank to France in the boot of his car and dropping him off there to punish him for being a bad father. Fiona is disgusted and demands that he drive Kev and Veronica to bring Frank back. They return the next day and though Frank believes Steve left him in France after remembering the smell of the air freshener in his car, Fiona pretends she doesn't know.

Frank returns as a minor local celebrity, with the radio calling him "French Frank" and left feeling annoyed at being treated like a joke. After another meeting with Eddie Jackson however, he learns that Sheila is now single, sex obsessed and rich from her disability benefits. He sees her as the perfect woman and soon visits her under the pretense of checking on her after her split with her husband. She allows him to use her shower and when he gets out and sees him naked, the couple end up having sex. The episode finishes with Frank moving into Sheila's house and the two becoming a couple.

Post Credit Scene

A TV tuned to a shopping channel plays in Sheila Jackson's kitchen, a woman on the TV warns that the "Cuffs of Love" furry handcuffs the channel had previously sold had an illegal locking mechanism that the channel was unaware of. The camera then cuts to Frank laying face down and naked with both hands hand cuffed to frame of Sheila's bed, a fireman enters the room and begins sawing the handcuffs off.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Fiona Gallagher
  • This is the first Shameless episode to feature Frank Gallagher in a regular role. He made very few appearances in the first episode, mostly featuring him unconscious.
  • The episode marks the first appearance of Jockey landlady and recurring character, Jez
  • Frank and Sheila Jackson begin a relationship and Frank moves into Sheila's house.
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