We're Going to Get Married is the third episode of the first series of Shameless.


Mentioning wedding plans to discourage an amorous female customer, barman Kev is overheard by Frank who tells everyone in the pub.

After drunken celebrations, Kev proposes to girlfriend Veronica but the following morning admits he is already married.

When Veronica's mum hears of the wedding and tells Veronica her father had left her money to pay for it, they decide to fake the wedding and use the money to pay for their house.

Meanwhile Ian rejects classmate Mandy, who sets her brother on him which forces Ian to admit he is gay.

Veronica's crazy brother Marty escapes from jail and burns down the toilets at their wedding, leaving Kev and Veronica to pay the bill and unable to buy their house.

Post Credit Scene

A Police car drives down a street with its sirens on, Marty Fisher is sat in the back and continuously spouts insults offensive to Police Officers due to his Tourette's Disorder. The officer driving curses at him and slams on the brakes so Marty hits his head on the seat in front of him.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Samantha Siddall - Mandy Maguire
  • Marjorie Yates - Carol Fisher
  • Jack Deam - Marty Fisher
  • Warren Brown - Maguire #1
  • Nathaniel Robinson - Maguire #2
  • Sam Hazeldine - Quentin
  • Stacey Hamlin - Tina
  • Rebecca Gallagher - Marie
  • James Foster - News Vendor
  • John Ward - Lad


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