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This page is about the US incarnation of Veronica Fisher. For the UK version, see Veronica Fisher.

Veronica "V" Fisher is a main character. She's one half of the Gallaghers' closest neighbors, the other half being husband Kev. Sharp and sexy, Veronica is usually willing to lend a hand, go dancing with best friend Fiona or party with Frank. She is the sister of pyromaniac Marty and the daughter of Carol, and the mother of Amy and Jemma Ball.


She has intelligence to match her beauty and is very knowledgeable when it comes to medical issues. She had potential to become a nurse, however was expelled from her nursing home for stealing supplies.

Veronica and Kevin are still very much in lust and love and are known for their adventurous tastes in the bedroom.


Season 1

In Season 1 episode Casey Casden, Kev pretended to be engaged to avoid the attention of a flirty girl at the bar, but his lie quickly spun out of control when Frank overheard and took him to be serious. Frank quickly announced the news to the whole bar, including Veronica's mother Carol who was ecstatic at the news.

Kev spent the next few hours getting badly drunk while talking to Carol and agonizing over what to do. Hearing from Carol how much Veronica loved him he decided to drunkenly propose to her. Veronica was just as ecstatic as her mother and after first checking if he was serious, she happily accepted and left him to sleep off the booze. She soon woke so they could get drunk again though, taking him to an impromptu party at the Gallaghers to announce their happy news.

However while a happy Veronica partied, she was oblivious to Kev's strange behavior. Sitting alone and looking unhappy, Kev drew the attention of Fiona, who after telling him just how happy she was to have Kev and Veronica in her life, joked that he looked very unhappy for someone who had just got engaged. Fiona was left reeling when Kev quietly told her that he was already married!

Season 2

Veronica bears witness to Peggy Gallagher arguing with Sheila Jackson (US) and is amused by until the latter draws out a gun and shoots at Sheila.

Season 3

In Season 3 episode 2 Veronica was helping Fiona with promoting the club where she worked at. Kevin's wife makes an appearance with her son who may not be his (not yet mentioned during the episode). Veronica asked Fiona if she can stay over at the Gallagher's house sitting in the front porch crying possibly because she knows about Kevin's marriage. In the next episode Veronica is having a hard time dealing with that fact that Kevin is the father and her relationship with Kevin is put into dismay as Kevin tries to know his would be son. Near the end of the episode Sheryl the wife of Kevin reveal that her named son Kyle was her sister's and Veronica fights her  and forces her to sign the divorce papers.

She continues to have sex with Kevin in an attempt to have a child. She enlists her mother Carol to inject herself with Kevin's sperm.

Season 4

Veronica spends most of season 4 trying to get pregnant. Her and give initially begin with trying the old fashioned way (through regular sex) however with no avail due to Veronica's PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.) She and her mother, Carol, soon find out that Veronica has an extremely low chance of conceiving (less than 1%.)

Next Veronica and Kev discuss ways on how they could still have a baby with both of their DNAs. In the end, Veronica decides the best way for them to have a baby is for Kev to conceive a baby with Carol since the baby will have Veronica and Kev's DNA both ways and Veronica has no other relatives outside of her mother that could do this safely. At first it start off as strictly business, with Carol shooting Kev's semen into her using a turkey baster, and when that fails they move onto to Kev and Carol having sex with a sheet in between them so that their skin won't touch. However all of the business methods seemingly fail and Kev and Carol wind up having full on sex since a baby is more likely to conceive when the woman has an orgasm. At one point there is a threesome between them all.

In the middle of the season Carol finally gets pregnant however given how many weeks a long she is they find out that she'd gotten pregnant the first time with the turkey baster; this causes Veronica to get upset at her mother because knows that her mother usually experiences pregnancy symptoms early on and she basically continued to have sex with Kev for her own pleasure rather than for the sake of having their child.

Soon after Veronica finds out she's pregnant and with triplets on top of that. This causes her and Kev to freak out because this means they have to financially support four kids, and given that Kev has to deal with the left over financial neglect of The Alibi Room, this leaves them in a very tough spot; so much that Kev starts a "Rub and Tug" in the old upstairs apartment of the bar with the Russian prostitutes that came from the same place as Svetlana worked but got fired because of Mickey's meddling. Veronica, against Kev's wishes, tries to convince her mother to abort her child however her mother refuses and doesn't speak to Veronica for a while after that.

Later on in the season Veronica finds out that one of the triplets got absorbed by one of the other two babies, this winds up being common with multiples as when one infant isn't strong enough they just tend to get absorbed by the others. Initially Kev and Veronica are saddened by this but also relieved because now they only have to take care of three children instead of four.

Carol gives birth to a boy, Dominic however she doesn't want to give him up to Veronica and Kev. Kev is upset at this but Veronica lets him know that he'll still be his son but her mother's responsibility.

In the final episodes of season 4, while Fiona's in prison, Veronica gives birth to twin girls, Amy and Jemma.

Season 5

Veronica and Kev have difficulties becoming parents. While Kevin is totally thrilled to be a dad, V misses the freedom of being single and desperately wants Kev's attention. They actually go through a break up period of time when they try to live separate lives.

Season 6

While Svetlana is working at their bar, Kev spills about her immigration status unknowingly to a federal agent. Rather than loose Svetlana, Veronica decides to marry her so she can stay in the US.

Veronica took part in throwing Frank off the bridge after he ruined Fiona's wedding.

Season 7

A month later in Hiraeth, Veronica, Svetlana, and Kev enter into the throuple relationship. Veronica bears witness to the return of Frank, she is surprised to see that Frank survived the fall and is now in a wheelchair while asking for a drink. Talking with him, she learns that he was only in a coma once he was pulled out the river and is worried when he shows no memory of how he ended up in the river, as well as how he'll recover in time. Veronica is scared when Frank recalls her helping in throwing him off the bridge and watches after he leaves out furious. Later, Veronica tries to relieve Kev of his guilt for throwing Frank away because he had it coming. However, Veronica felt guilt too after seeing Frank's condition in a wheelchair. Veronica still resented Frank for trashing the wedding but when talking to Fiona she sees he did some good when Fiona voiced he saved her from marrying a person like him.

During Swipe, Fuck, Leave, she is at the Gallagher house and present when Frank returns with his injuries better and him on his feet, to her displeasure. She is pleased to watch them kick him out but becomes uneasy when he takes Liam and promises to get even with his family.

In Home Sweet Homeless Shelter, V, Kev, and Svetlana start a business which consist of a topless maid service. However, they deal with the sudden arrival of Svetlana's estranged intimidating father. She later appears at the Gallagher House and shows the Gallaghers what Frank has done and it is shown that he has taken homeless people and made a shelter out of an empty house on their block. She watches as he turns everyone away, as they tried to kill him and have been insulting him since he returned.

In I Am a Storm, Veronica believed she fell for Svetlana in their time together and slowly turns against Kev. Veronica is shown to not be on good terms with Fiona as the latter is distant and she believes she only needs her family.

However, she feels scared as Yev and is put off by Svetlana's revelation that he is really her husband. After Yev becomes a little abusive towards them, V is worried when Lana makes vague statements of getting rid of him, though she attempts to comfort Kev. It is here where her trust in Lana starts to fade.

She is later surprised when Kev offers free drinks to help Fiona and tries to protest as he refuses his decision and orders her to retrieve their kids from Svetlana's associate. She is shocked by this and complies.

Svetlana also steals the bar from Kev and Veronica when they thought they were signing adoption papers for their children, they were actually signing over the Alibi bar to the new owner, Svetlana Fisher. The close of the season sees Veronica burning Svetlana's clothes and coming to terms with the end of their relationship.

Because Svetlana betrayed her Veronica decides to reconcile with Fiona. From her, she learns that she is not in love with Svetlana she just likes to be dominated. Although shocked to hear this she begins to consider it entails care to be more aggressive in bed. Because Kevin was not used to this he has trouble trying to fulfil her needs but eventually he is able to come through and the two have sex.

Veronica confronts Lana who refuses her demands of returning the bar until V attacks her and they fight. Even though Veronica won, Lana didn't give in and V has her arrested and nearly deported along with her help.

Veronica is present at Monica's funeral and watches the family give moving words about her. She soon leaves and goes to the Gallagher house, where she watches them have fun and accept Frank back again.

Season 8

V and Kev are a united in plotting their revenge against Svetlana for stealing the Alibi from them. V achieves this by calling ICE to report Svetlana and her bar workers as illegal immigrants and has them held in detention. While imprisoned, Lana tries to have her lawyer seize the bar but V realized they still need her and visits Lana with the latter's son. V tells Lana that she will talk to the board and say that their marriage was legal to have her released if she gives her the bar back. Lana initially tries to refuse but V makes her consider her son if she isn't around. This causes Lana to agree to teach V how to run the numbers of the bar and agrees to terms of bar ownership. She asks if they could have threesomes again but is refused. Svetlana agrees so long as she receives 1/3 of the profits.

Veronica supporting Kevin when he discovers he has a breast cancer scare and, after surgery, his discovery about his biological roots in the Deep South, as he attempts to reunite with his birth family. Kevin and Veronica are much closer this season without their co-dependency on Svetlana being so personally involved in their lives.

Veronica discovers from Fiona that the root of her attraction to Svetlana is that she likes to be dominated, so she tells Kevin to Dominate her in the bedroom more.

Her request is rocky at first, but results in Kevin being much more confident in his expectations, which makes Veronica very proud and attracted to him. Veronica spends most of her time in Season 8 keeping Svetlana in check while focusing on her relationship with Kevin.

Season 9

Veronica spends most of her time working on the Alibi and helping Kev promotes the bar's status as a non-sexual area that brings much popularity.

She continues running her bar and on two occasions brought Frank to the hospital after he passes out from urinating black.

Veronica and Kev later put their daughters in pre-school but since only one spot was opened, they concoct a plan to have both Amy and Gemma attend school, that being they have to wear the same clothes but to never be in the same room as one another.

When Kev voices his desires to have a new child with her, she is against the idea but gets around to the idea. They soon adopt a child named Santiago and she is pleased Kev is happy to finally have a son, despite him not speaking English. He is later taken back by his sister.

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