Uncle Carl is the eighth episode of Season 5 of the US version of Shameless.


Lip and Fiona pick up Ian from the psych ward, and he refuses to take his medicine for his bipolar disorder. Fiona 's marriage is in jeopardy. Frank plots revenge on Sammi while recovering from a gunshot wound. Lip and Kev sell drugs on campus.


When Lip and Fiona arrive to pick Ian up from the psych ward, Mickey is noticeably absent. Ian refuses to take his medicine for his bipolar disorder as they make him feel that 'life is not worth living'. Debbie begins to worry about him and talks to Fiona about ways to get him to take his pills. 

When Gus announces he’s leaving to go on tour, Fiona is further confused by the status of their fragile relationship. 

Meanwhile, Frank recovers from his gunshot wound and pretends to make nice with Sammi , but he also silently plots his revenge in their new, escalating war of the roses. 

Also, still in need of tuition money, Lip convinces Kev to come to the dorms and sell drugs and make them both some fast cash. But things begin to go sideways, when Kev gets too comfortable with the college life. 

Carl is asked by his boss 'G dog' to run drugs to Michigan. He uses Chuckie as a way to smuggle them, but when Frank secretly notifies the cops to get Chuckie arrested as revenge on Sammi , they interupt them and Carl leaves as Chuckie is arrested. As revenge, Sammi tells Chuckie to tell the cops that Carl made him do it, which leads to the police chasing Carl through backstreets on the south side until they arrest him. 



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Special Guest Star

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Directed by: Wendey Stanzler 

Written by: Krista Vernoff

Original Air Date: March 8, 2015


'I want a fucking Lawyer Motherfucker' - Carl Gallagher


Shameless 5x08 Promo, Uncle Carl Showtime HD

Shameless 5x08 Promo, Uncle Carl Showtime HD


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