Umi Karib is the mother of Kash Karib, she appears in the first two series as a minor recurring character and then briefly in an episode of Series 4. Although she is a trained midwife, she spends most her time in the apartment above the Karib's Shop, watching the CCTV monitors for any people shoplifting.

In the Christmas Special, she appears at the Gallagher home to help Sheila Jackson give birth to twins Nigel and Delia, who were born on 25 December 2004.

Umi appears briefly in Episode 8 of Series 4 when Carl Gallagher attempts to mug Yvonne while she is walking down the street with Umi. Yvonne easily fights Carl off and apologizes, saying he didn't realize it was her. She takes him to hospital to be looked at and he explains he did it because he was desperate for money as he got a girl pregnant, though he wouldn't say who it is later revealed it was Yvonne's daughter Meena but she isn't actually pregnant and regularly pulls the scam to get money out of boys.

While at the hospital Yvonne asks Umi to go see to her children but Umi tells her the kids are in her car as the house doesn't belong to her any more. She explains that it's full of police recovering assets for the debts Kash accumulated. Yvonne hurries home and is restrained to stop her entering the house, forcing her to contact Fiona and rent her house now that Carol has been staying at The Jockey.


  • During Umi's appearance in Episode 8 of Series 4 she tells Yvonne that her house has been seized due to the debts of "her husband". This is an odd way to refer to Kash considering the fact Umi is meant to be his mother.
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