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Season 1

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate Episodes
Pilot Writer: Paul Abbott & John Wells Director: Mark Mylod January 25,2019 #Episode 1
Fiona's purse is stolen on a night out with Veronica, but a handsome stranger named Steve does his best to retrieve it. He's unsuccessful, but earns an invite back to the Gallagher house when he defends the girls by punching an infamous bouncer who insults them

Aunt Ginger Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Stephen Hopkins January 23, 2011 #1.03
Fiona, having dumped Steve, decides to date Tony, a local cop who has had feelings for her since childhood. A woman from the Office of the Inspector General knocks on the Gallagher's door looking for Aunt Ginger, the owner of the family house, who has supposedly been living in a Wisconsin nursing home for 12 years.

Casey Casden Writer: Cindy Caponera Director: Todd Holland January 30, 2011 #1.04
Debbie steals a toddler from a birthday party while depressed from Aunt Ginger's departure. The family creates a plan that will return the boy to his family while avoiding the increased police presence in the area.

Three Boys Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Mimi Leder February 6, 2011 #1.05
Frank has an interesting appointment with his disability doctor, who demands a biopsy of a strange third lump in his scrotum. Kev and Veronica fake a wedding to earn a lump sum of cash from Veronica's deceased father, to be given to her on her wedding day.

Killer Carl Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: John Dahl February 13, 2011 #1.06
Lip gets busted taking the SAT's for a number of other students. Carl gets in trouble at school and the principal demands to see one of Carl's parents, or he will face expulsion.

Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father Writer: Etan Frankel Director: David Nutter February 20, 2011 #1.07
Frank is hunted by two ruthless thugs after he fails to follow through with an illegal money making scheme, and he must repay them $6000. The Gallagher family helps Frank fake his own death to convince the thugs to leave town. Steve takes Fiona to an expensive hotel to get away from her family and work stress. Linda has the cameras at the Kash and Grab fixed, which has implications on Ian's affair with Kash and there is a suprise for Sheila as she does something she hasn't done in years.

But at Last Came a Knock Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Mark Mylod March 6, 2011 #1.09
Frank is in line for some settlement money but there's a catch: he needs his missing wife Monica to sign the paperwork. Debbie discovers a secret about Steve, and extorts him to keep it a secret. Ian has an eventful day at work, and Lip does some work for Steve to buy concert tickets for Karen.

Nana Gallagher Had an Affair Writer: Cindy Caponera Director: Adam Bernstein March 13, 2011 #1.10
Liam's paternity test reveals different results than expected, as does another member of the Gallagher family. Karen attends the Purity Ball with her father, Eddie, on the promise that if she "rededicates herself as a virgin", she can have the car. Fiona and Steve move in next door so Fiona can keep an eye on the kids while Monica tries (and fails) to be their mom again.

Daddyz Girl Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Sanaa Hamri March 20, 2011 #1.11
Amy Smart guest stars as a school-mother in Debbie's class whose take on friendship leaves Fiona a little confused. Steve's "business" finally leads Tony to investigate what he's up to. Lip and Ian go on a search for Ian's real dad. Karen finds an extreme way to pay Eddie back for embarrassing her at the Purity Ball. Frank's worker's compensation is terminated and he searches for a new job to get hurt at.

Father Frank, Full of Grace Writer: John Wells Director: Mark Mylod March 27, 2011 #1.12
Lip and Ian spend the night in jail on grand theft auto charges. Eddie finds out that Frank slept with Karen and goes in search of revenge, later joined by Lip. Fiona has a difficult decision to make when Steve asks her to run away with him to Costa Rica.

Season 2

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Summertime Writer: John Wells Director: Mark Mylod January 8, 2012 #2.01
Frank, after losing a bet with a fellow bar patron, is now in over his head $10,000, and Karen refuses to let him steal the money from Sheila again; Frank uses Liam to win sympathy panhandling, until the bar patron takes Liam as collateral for the money. Lip wants to continue seeing Karen, who is now attending Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings and in a sex-free relationship with a fellow group member; however, he is also preoccupied with summer courses, running a fighting ring, and selling pot and alcohol out of an ice cream truck with Kev. Fiona and Veronica are waitressing at a local club; Fiona is seeing someone to get her mind off of Steve though V says her new boyfriend is "a rebound" and "even looks like Steve." Ian is still working for Kash and Linda, whose marriage is deteriorating despite her pregnancy; Ian also expresses interest in attending West Point, and Lip agrees to help him with his application and grades; he is also looking forward to Mickey's release from jail. Debbie and Carl run a babysitting service in the house to bring in extra funds. Sheila is simultaneously trying to find Eddie (who committed suicide last season) and working on being outside her home.

Summer Loving Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: John Wells January 15, 2012 #2.02
As Sheila overcomes more of her agoraphobia, a worried Frank finds a new financial plan in a fellow bar patron by the name of Dottie, whose declining health makes her a ideal match for him. Fiona juggles her job, family life, and a burgeoning love life, with even her friend Jasmine trying to set her up with a older man. Veronica takes some of the elderly people from the retirement home on a excursion. Lip worries about Karen's relationship with Jody. After being released from jail, Ian tries to land a job for Mickey at Kash and Grab, and Mickey reluctantly agrees. Debbie and Carl deal with their growth spurts and wanting more space around the house.

I'll Light a Candle for You Every Day Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Craig Zisk January 22, 2012 #2.03
Still trying to get her mind off Steve, Fiona decides to reconnect with Craig, an old high school crush. When she finds an abandoned purse with five hundred dollars in it, she assumes her luck is finally changing. Frank decides to do anything to get Dottie's money, including marrying her and intercepting the page telling her she has a new heart. After Harry, an elderly man who Debbie befriends at the retirement home, dies, Debbie becomes obsessed with death. Kevin thinks about buying the Alibi Room, much to the dismay of Veronica. Lip meets with a soldier to gather information for Ian about West Point. Jody is planning on asking for Karen's hand in marriage.

A Beautiful Mess Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Mark Mylod January 29, 2012 #2.04
After sleeping with Craig, Fiona is unprepared for the arrival of his irate wife. And on the family front, Fiona is concerned that she is dumping too much responsibility on the Gallagher children when stress causes Debbie to break out in a rash. Meanwhile, Frank begins to suspect his days in the Jackson household are coming to an end; Ian marches forward in his efforts to get into West Point; and Lip attempts to dig up dirt on Jody.

Father's Day Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Etan Frankel February 5, 2012 #2.05
When Eddie Jackson's body turns up, Frank thinks he should be in line to claim his pension and insurance benefits. Meanwhile, Fiona attends a high-class wedding with her sugar daddy Richard; Lip discovers startling news about Karen and Jody; Frank's room is rented to a hooker; Veronica suspects Kev of cheating; and Sheila uncovers the truth about what transpired between Frank and Karen last year.

A Bottle of Jean Nate Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: David Nutter February 19, 2012 #2.07
Jasmine decides to throw an end of summer party on a boat and invites Fiona, without telling her that Steve and Estefania will be on board. Lip tries to get back into Karen's good graces, even making up a prenuptial agreement for her and Jody. Ian continues to give Lip the silent treatment. Frank tries to get Fiona's help in dealing with Grammy.

Parenthood Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer March 4, 2012 #2.08
While Jody and Sheila comfort a dying Grammy, Frank steps out and stops at the Kash and Grab, where he walks in on Ian and Mickey in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Lip wants to quit school, but Fiona tells him that if he reconsiders, she'll go back and get her GED; Lip takes Karen to a number of adoption agencies and doesn't like what she has planned; Steve decides to coach Carl's football team.

Hurricane Monica Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Alex Graves March 11, 2012 #2.09
Monica returns to party and plot scams with Frank, but the rest of the family suspects she hasn't returned to stay; Fiona reconsiders her decision to kick Lip out of the house; Grammy's death affects everyone differently, and leaves Frank determined to make sure he gets every last penny his mother left behind; Sheila and Jody think Eddie's ghost is haunting the house.

A Great Cause Writer: Etan Frankel Director: Mimi Leder March 18, 2012 #2.10
Fiona begins to plan for her future; Monica causes trouble; Steve wants to reunite Estefania with her true love; Lip and Ian learn the identity of the father of Karen's baby; Sheila takes in an addict.

Fiona Interrupted Writer: John Wells Director: John Wells April 1, 2012 #2.12
The Gallaghers reel from the recent events of Monica's attempted suicide and Karen's birth. Jimmy gets back into Fiona's good graces and decides to let her meet his family. Frank plots to free Monica from the psychiatric institution but things don't go according to plan when Monica reveals she has no plans to leave the institution and has found a new lover in a fellow patient (Jenna Elfman). Fiona finds a letter in the mail and it states she passed her GED and tells Lip in order to get him to finish school. After Jody and Sheila decide to keep Karen's newborn, Karen makes them choose between her and the baby since Karen wants nothing to do with it. When Sheila says she plans on raising her grandchild, Karen leaves but not without Lip saying she will regret the decision in the future. Ian discovers when meeting Jimmy's family that Ned, the man he slept with in the previous episode, is really Jimmy's doctor father, Lloyd. Estefania and Marco have a fight which results in her knocking on the Gallagher door for help in leaving Marco. After talking over recent events with Mandy, Lip moves back home and brings his life back in order by going back to school.

Season 3

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
El Gran Cañón Writer: John Wells Director: Mark Mylod January 13, 2013 #3.01
Fiona adapts to living with Jimmy after he movies in while Jimmy deals with the sudden appearance of Estefania's father. Frank wakes up in Mexico and makes his way back home. After trying to steal a laser, Lip gets arrested and arraigned in bond court. Also, he, Ian, and Mandy compete in a robot fighting competition with the stolen laser mounted on top of the robot. Meanwhile, Sheila and Jody experience parental life with Karen's baby, Hymie.

The American Dream Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Anthony Hemingway January 20, 2013 #3.02
Fiona takes on a new role at work, complete with new challenges: party promoter. Estefania's father has Jimmy's ever move watched, much to his annoyance. Lip continues his community service. Micky returns. Veronica receives a surprise visitor, Kev's wife! Sheila and Jody struggle to adjust to the role of parents. Ian and Mickey continue their relationship.

May I Trim Your Hedges? Writer: Krista Vernoff Director: Steve Shill January 27, 2013 #3.03
Fiona decides to apply for a cashier job but is put off when the manager makes sexual advances toward her. Frank takes advantage of taking care of baby Jaime by using him to scam basketball tickets out of a childrens cancer charity. Veronica takes it upon herself to confront Kev's wife Cheryl while he attempts to make her sign divorce papers. Lip decides to take down a group of sex offenders in the area but is put off when one of them turns out to be a woman. Jimmy and Estefania create fake wedding pictures to protect her from immigration. Ian is left confused when Mickey sleeps with a local girl.

The Helpful Gallaghers Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: Randall Einhorn February 10, 2013 #3.04
Lip goes with Mandy to visit a younger half-sister of hers. Carl heads off to "cancer camp", though certain restrictions leave him less than happy. A frustrated Sheila asks Frank for advice on convincing Jody to be more adventurous in the bedroom. Fiona gathers a group of co-workers to discuss the boss's sexual harassment. Jimmy discovers his father's secret homosexuality, forcing Ian to reveal their relationship.

The Sins of My Caretaker Writer: Sheila Callaghan Director: J. Michael Muro February 17, 2013 #3.05
Frank is forced to move Aunt Ginger's remains from the backyard due to sewer work being done in the area. Jimmy struggles to deal with his father's recently revealed homosexuality and goes to Estefania for emotional support after he and Fiona argue. Mickey kisses Ian. Veronica and Kev are forced to discuss alternative methods of having children when they discover Veronica is infertile. Sheila takes in a mute nun, who is less than grateful.

Cascading Failures Writer: Alex Borstein Director: Anthony Hemingway February 24, 2013 #3.06
The Department of Family Services remove the Gallagher children, leaving a desperate Fiona to get them back. Unable to locate Monica, Fiona is forced to get Frank a "Father of the Year" appearance in court. Everything goes well until it is revealed that Frank is not the solution to Fiona's problem, he is in fact the cause. Meanwhile, Kev and Veronica recruit Carol as a surrogate and Terry catches Mickey and Ian in an akward position.

Long Way From Home Writer: Etan Frankel Director: Mimi Leder March 3, 2013 #3.07
Fiona prepares for the court hearing and decides to attempt getting full custody of the Gallagher children at the same time. To achieve this she enlists Veronica's help in creating a fake will of Aunt Ginger's. Jimmy and Estefania deal with a visit from immigration. Sheila get's a surprise visit from Karen and the father of Hymie, who want their child back. Debbie runs away from her foster family. Lip tries to file the fake will but discovers a relative named Patrick already filed Aunt Ginger's will].

Where There's a Will Writer: Davey Holmes Director: John Wells March 10, 2013 #3.08
As the family gathers at Aunt Ginger's fake funeral, Frank's cousin Patrick arrives with another forged will granting him ownership of the house.

Frank the Plumber Writer: Krista Vernoff Director: Mark Mylod March 17, 2013 #3.09
Fiona starts a new job and a new romance, while Frank may become the new face of the gay rights movement, thanks to an influential member of the Velvet Mafia

Civil Wrongs Writer: Mike O'Malley Director: Gary B. Goldman March 24, 2013 #3.10
Fiona's life is finally going great - until Jimmy tells her he might go back to med Michigan. As the new star of gay rights, Frank is lured to the other side.

Order Room Service Writer: Sheila Callaghan Director: Sanaa Hamri March 31, 2013 #3.11
Fiona takes the kids on a camping trip. Essentially homeless, Frank seeks out the help of Carl who sneaks him into the Gallagher van for the night. Jimmy gets a surprise visit.

Season 4

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Simple Pleasures Writer: Paul Abbott; John Wells Director: John Wells January 12, 2014 #4.01
Fiona is dividing her time between caring for the household and working at Worldwide Cup with her boss/boyfriend Mike Pratt. Lip attends college-and has a work study job as part of his tuitiion plan.Ian is missing; Debbie is growing up and discovering boys. Frank medically is worse than ever, Carl takes care of him. Sheila lonely, cleans Gallaghers house.

My Oldest Daughter Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Mimi Leder January 19, 2014 #4.02
Fiona begins to enjoy the perks of living life just above the poverty line. She uses her newly activated health benefits to take the kids for checkups. However, when a road rage incident damages the company car, Fiona tells a much bigger lie about how it happened. Meanwhile, Lip seems to have lost his mojo as he struggles in school and with the ladies.

Like Father, Like Daughter Writer: Sheila Callaghan Director: Sanaa Hamri January 26, 2014 #4.03
Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter Sammi and is surprised to learn that she has a son. Meanwhile, Fiona and Mike get serious; and Carl steals dogs and holds them for ransom, so he can earn some drug money for Frank. Sheila has her first successful online date with a Native American cowboy named Roger Running Tree.

Strangers on a Train Writer: Etan Frankel Director: Peter Segal February 2,2014 #4.04
Against her better judgment, Fiona continues her secret affair with Robbie. The situation nearly boils over when Mike shows up at Robbie’s apartment while Fiona is inside. Fiona is able to hide just in time before her infidelity can be exposed. Frank, in increasingly dire health straits due to liver disease, attempts to contrive an “accident” that will provide an ample insurance payout to cover the cost of a potential transplant.

There's The Rub Writer: Davey Holmes Director: David Nutter February 9, 2014 #4.05
Fiona’s series of bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. Meanwhile, Frank and Sammi pursue a cure for Frank’s liver trouble and try to catch up on missed father-daughter time; and Lip gets a surprise visit at college from Army investigators.

Iron City Writer: John Wells Director: James Ponsoldt February 16, 2014 #4.06
The aftermath of Liam’s accident lands Fiona in county jail, unsure of Liam’s condition or her future. The family, minus Frank, wait nervously for any update on Liam’s status at the hospital. Meanwhile, after almost being killed by the sweat lodge, Frank wakes up in the emergency room and gets some sobering news about his declining health.

A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Gary B. Goldman February 23, 2014 #4.07
Lip is faced with being the Gallagher’s guardian when Fiona is released from jail and ordered by the court to remain inside the house, and Frank continues to be out of commission due to his illness. Fortunately, he gets some unexpected assistance from Amanda, his roommate’s girlfriend.

Hope Springs Paternal Writer: Mimi Leder Director: Sheila Callaghan March 9, 2014 #4.08
Fiona rids the house of all suspicious items to prepare for a visit from her probation officer, but her efforts aren’t appreciated by Debbie and Carl. Meanwhile, Ian gets kicked out of Mickey’s house by a hammer-wielding Svetlana and makes a long-awaited return to the Gallagher house.

Emily Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Anthony Hemingway March 30, 2014 #4.11
Fiona is taken to a correctional facility; Frank wakes up from his operation suffering from post-operative delirium; Ian crashes the christening for Mickey’s son; Amanda’s parents bribe Lip to stay away from their daughter; Debbie meets an older student with a dark ulterior motive.

Lazarus Writer: John Wells Director: Mark Mylod April 6, 2014 #4.12
Sheila fighting for custody of the Native American kids and clashing with Sammi over where they will all live once Frank is released. Meanwhile, Fiona passes a drug test, gets released from jail and lands a job at Patsy’s Pies with the help of her parole officer; and Frank begins to feel again like his old, troubled self.

Season 5

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Milk of the Gods Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: Christopher Chulack January 11, 2015 #5.01
It's summertime again in Chicago. Fiona balances her job at Patsy's Pies and a crush on her older boss, Sean, as Lip says goodbye to college and heads back home to take a job working demolition. At the Milkovich house, Ian helps a pregnant Svetlana take care of baby Yevgeny. Meanwhile, Veronica goes to work at The Alibi as Kevin plays stay-at-home dad. And Frank, still recovering from his liver transplant, unveils the secret project he's been working on in Sheila's basement. Season premiere.

I'm the Liver Writer: Krista Vernoff Director: Sanaa Hamri January 18, 2015 #5.02
Fiona is officially off house arrest while Lip starts his first day of work for Tommy. But manual labor turns out to be harder than Lip thought and the brutal hazing from his co-workers doesn't help. Sheila considers an offer from two lesbians who want to buy her home. Frank tries to talk her out of it and begins warning everyone of the neighborhood's impending gentrification. Also, the father of boy whose liver Frank received invites Frank to a special father's day dinner with all the other organ recipients, which Sammi ends up crashing, further enraging Sheila. Meanwhile, a manic Ian plans his revenge with Mickey and Mandy against a homophobic military funeral protest. Fiona confronts Sean about her feelings for him. Kev bonds with Svetlana. And Debbie continues to struggle with her friends and boys.

A Night to Remem- Wait, What? Writer: Davey Holmes Director: Richie Keen February 1, 2015 #5.04
Frank arrives at Lou's to pick up his six figure insurance settlement and is shocked to learn that he's already collected it. Meanwhile, Fiona and Gus continue to hit if off, so much so that Gus admits he's falling in love with her. Meanwhile, Lip visits Amanda and her family at her luxurious house in Miami. Carl starts a new job as a drug dealer but quickly realizes he's in over his head. Ian goes overboard when he starts stealing suitcases from the airport baggage claim.

Rite of Passage Writer: Etan Frankel Director: Alex Graves February 8, 2015 #5.05
Fiona's plans to announce her marriage to her family unravel. Ian's behavior grows more erratic and Mickey asks Lip for help. Veronica and Kev have relationship issues.

Crazy Love Writer: John Wells Director: Anthony Hemingway February 15, 2015 #5.06
Fiona is thrown into chaos by the return of Jimmy. Ian steals Mickey and Svetlana's baby for a road trip in a bipolar episode.

Tell Me You F**king Need Me Writer: Nancy M. Pimental Director: William H. Macy March 1, 2015 #5.07
Ian begins to regain some of his senses - and finds himself under a mandatory hold at the psych ward. Meanwhile, Sammi is forced to take drastic measures to teach Frank a lesson. Plus, Fiona makes a decision regarding her potential romantic futures with Jimmy and/or Gus, Lip learns that his tuition is short twelve grand, Carl seizes an opportunity to make Chuckie his slave, and after V moves out, Svetlana moves in with Kev in exchange for the performance of some odd 'wifely duties.'

Uncle Carl Writer: Krista Vernoff Director: Wendy Stanzler March 8, 2015 #5.08
Fiona is confused by the status of her relationship when Gus announces he's leaving to go on tour. Meanwhile, Carl is asked by his boss to run drugs to Indiana; Frank sees a way to get revenge on Sammi by using Chuckie as the mule and having him busted; and Lip, still in need of tuition money, convinces Kev to come to the dorms and sell drugs. Plus, as Ian refuses to accept his bipolar diagnosis, Debbie is tasked with minding his new meds.

Carl’s First Sentencing Writer: Etan Frankel Director: Christopher Chulack March 15, 2015 #5.09
Frank has a check-up with his uptight doctor, Bianca, who's cracking up after getting a terminal cancer diagnosis. Discovering she hasn't truly 'lived,' he agrees to be her tour guide to the seedier side of life. Meanwhile, Fiona preps an uncooperative Carl for his sentencing hearing. Plus, Lip sleeps with a professor on the assumption he's only days away from being kicked out, Ian realizes it's time to get back on his meds and Kev finds himself enjoying college life as campus 'rapewalker.'

South Side Rules Writer: Sheila Callaghan Director: Michael Uppendahl March 22, 2015 #5.10
Frank is having a ball with Bianca, his new sick friend and formerly uptight doctor. But when Bianca thinks Frank might be developing feelings for her she kicks him to the curb. Frank, however, returns to put up a fight.

Drugs Actually Writer: Davey Holmes Director: Mimi Leder March 29, 2015 #5.11
Frank grows concerned as Bianca's behavior becomes increasingly more erratic and dangerous - but he'll do just about anything to show her a great time.

Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher) Writer: John Wells Director: Christopher Chulack April 5, 2015 #5.12
Fiona reunites with Gus after his tour but is torn by the fact that her friendly feelings for Sean have turned into love. Plus, Frank has his own love struggles as he works to keep Bianca happy - down in Costa Rica! Season finale.

Season 6

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing John Wells Christopher Chulack January 10, 2016 #6.01
#Abortion Rules Nancy M. Pimental Iain B. MacDonal January 17, 2016 #6.02
The F Word Nisha Ganatra Krista Vernoff January 24, 2016 #6.03
Going Once, Going Twice Christopher Chulack Davey Holmes January 31, 2016 #6.04
Refugees Wendey Stanzler Etan Frankel February 7, 2016 #6.05
NSFW Jake Schreier Sheila Callaghan February 14, 2016 #6.06
Pimp's Paradise Peter Segal Dominique Morisseau February 21, 2016 #6.07
Be a Good Boy. Come For Grandma. Iain B. MacDonald Nancy M. Pimental March 6, 2016 #6.08
A Yurt of One's Own Ruben Garcia Davey Holmes March 13, 2016 #6.09
Paradise Lost Lynn Shelton Etan Frankel March 20, 2016 #6.10
Sleep No More Anthony Hemingway Sheila Callaghan March 27, 2016 #6.11
Familia Supra Gallegorious Omina! Christopher Chulack John Wells April 3, 2016 #6.12

Season 7

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Hiraeth Christopher Chulack John Wells October 2, 2016 #7.01
Swipe, Fuck, Leave Rob Hardy Nancy M. Pimental October 9, 2016 #7.02
Home Sweet Homeless Shelter Iain B. MacDonald Krista Vernoff October 16, 2016 #7.03
I Am a Storm Emmy Rossum Sheila Callaghan October 23, 2016 #7.04
Own Your Shit Christopher Chulack Dominique Morisseau October 30, 2016 #7.05
The Defenestration of Frank David Nutter Etan Frankel November 6, 2016 #7.06
You'll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life John Wells Nancy M. Pimental November 13, 2016 #7.07
You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember? Allison Liddi-Brown Krista Vernoff November 20, 2016 #7.08
Ouroboros Christopher Chulack Sheila Callaghan November 27, 2016 #7.09
Ride or Die Zetna Fuentes Dominique Morisseau December 4, 2016 #7.10
Happily Ever After John M. Valerio Etan Frankel December 11, 2016 #7.11
Requiem For a Slut John Wells John Wells December 18, 2016 7.12

Season 8

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
We Become What We... Frank! Iain B. MacDonald John Wells November 5, 2017 #8.01
Where's My Meth? Anthony Hemingway Nancy M. Pimental November 12, 2017 #8.02
God Bless Her Rotting Soul Michael Morris Krista Vernoff November 19, 2017 #8.03
Fuck Paying It Forward Regina King Dominique Morisseau November 26, 2017 #8.04
The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher Iain B. MacDonald Sheila Callaghan December 3, 2017 #8.05
Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him Zetna Fuentes Mark Steilen December 10, 2017 #8.06
Occupy Fiona Iain B. MacDonald Molly Smith Metzler December 17, 2017 #8.07
Frank's Northern Southern Express Emmy Rossum Nancy M. Pimental December 31, 2017 #8.08
The Fugees Jeffrey Reiner Dominique Morisseau January 7, 2018 #8.09
Church of Gay Jesus Anna Mastro Sheila Callaghan January 14, 2018 #8.10
A Gallagher Pedicure Iain B. MacDonald Mark Steilen January 21, 2018 #8.11
Sleepwalking John Wells John Wells January 28, 2018 #8.12

Season 9

Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Are You There Shim? It's Me, Ian Iain B. MacDonald Nancy M. Pimental September 9, 2018 #9.01
Mo White! Erin Feeley Molly Smith Metzler September 16, 2018 #9.02
Weirdo Gallagher Vortex Kat Coiro Joe Lawson September 23, 2018 #9.03
Do Right, Vote White! Mark Mylod John Wells September 30, 2018 #9.04
Black Haired Ginger William H. Macy Phillip Buiser October 7, 2018 #9.05
Face It, You're Gorgeous Allison Liddi-Brown Nancy M. Pimental October 14, 2018 #9.06
Down Like the Titanic Silver Tree Molly Smith Metzler October 21, 2018 #9.07
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Alibi Joe Lawson Zetna Fuentes January 20, 2019 #9.08
BOOOOOOOOOOOONE! Philip Buiser Loren Yaconelli January 27, 2019 #9.09
Los Diablos Nancy M. Pimental Roberto Sneider February 10, 2019 #9.10
The Hobo Games Molly Smith Metzler Ian B. MacDonald February 17, 2019 #9.11
You'll Know Bottom When You Hit It Joe Lawson Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini February 24, 2019 #9.12
Lost TBA TBA March 3, 2019 #9.13
Found March 10, 2019 #9.14
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