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True Love is the tenth and final episode of the second series of Shameless. It marked the final appearance of  Fiona Gallagher and the brief return of Steve McBride.


Steve returns to the Chatsworth and approaches Debbie in school while pretending to be a Social Worker. He gives her a large envelope to pass on to Fiona. Debbie attempts to tell Fiona about Steve's return, but Fiona reveals that she already knew he was back as her old work had passed along his number before angrily telling Debbie to warn Steve to stay away from them all. Debbie turns to Veronica, who organises a meeting between Fiona and Steve. However, Craig interrupts, and a violent confrontation between Fiona's current and former boyfriend results in Craig suffering a head injury. Whilst he is taken off to hospital, Fiona makes a life-changing decision: she is going to leave Chatsworth and her family forever to start a new life with Steve and her unborn child. 

Brendan Tyler, Lillian's husband is killed by what appears to be a Police van when he is run over and decapitated. The police soon realize that Brendan was shot in the head however and only got hit by the van because he was already dead. And when Carol realizes that Carl was the one who shot him, the Gallaghers find themselves scrambling to keep Carl out of trouble and stop Fiona from finding out before she leaves.

Frank seizes on a new opportunity when he hears about Brendan's death. He suggests to Lillian that they continue to claim Brendan's benefits and share them. Lillian agrees, but only if Frank takes Brendan's old dog off her hands. Frank takes the dog happily, but only because he plans to get rid of it. He goes through various attempts of losing the dog, including putting it in a sack and throwing it off a bridge, none of which work however.

Kash Karib begins running for Mayor of Chatsworth against the racist Bernie Creme. Ian worries that Yvonne set the whole thing up to keep them apart but soon comes around when she gets him a second job at The Jockey.

Post Credit Scene

The Gallagher kitchen is shown in its usual chaos, with everyone talking over each other and arguing. A mobile phone is heard ringing and Debbie shouts for someone to get it so Frank answers it, after first trying to answer the wrong phone upside-down. He suddenly shouts "Fiona, it's for you" which causes everyone to go completely silent in realization that no one has told Frank about Fiona's departure. Frank continues to shout for her, before giving up and telling the person they'll have to call back later as the usual loud chaos starts up again.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Kevin Ball.
  • Only appearance of Brendan Tyler.
  • Lillian Tyler mentions being narcoleptic during a police interview (although this subject is never brought up again in the series).
  • Sheila is revealed to have a good singing voice when she sings Jerusalem to Nigel and Delia.
  • Malcolm Pugh, who portrays Bernie Creme in this episode, later appeared as another character in Episode 10 of Series 10.
  • Frank claims to be forty-seven years old in the episode, even though he would turn fifty in Episode 701, which takes place roughly seven years later.


Tony: I don't know what to say Mrs. Tyler. The officer driving the van is going 
to have to live with this for the rest of his life.
Lillian: And his cap managed to stay on?
Stan: I know!
Lillian: Green trilby?
Stan: Yeah.
Carol: Surely that's how he'd like to have died. Little bit of his old fashion 
Lillian: Yeah, but not before he turned 65!
Carl: I've got one thing I need to say. The night before he died, I gobbed on 
Brendan from the upstairs of a bus and called him a rag eyed gonk...just that.