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Tony, also sometimes referred to as "Helmet", was a Police Officer on the Chatsworth Estate partnered with Stan Waterman. Tony had been in love with Fiona Gallagher since they had had a one night stand where he lost his virginity. He cited a late circumcision as the reason he lost his virginity so late. For this reason he had no problem helping the Gallaghers whenever he could, such as when he brought Frank Gallagher home after he'd passed out drunk.

He had a particularly bad time with Fiona and Steve's growing relationship, suffering from an irrational jealousy and hatred of Steve.

In Series 2, Tony stole Steve's car as a practical joke, hoping to give him a taste of his own medicine, but later found large amounts of money and drugs concealed inside. He confronted Steve about it, who explained that he occasionally drove cars from one country to another with concealed money and drugs and takes them to a particular drop off point. He has no real choice as he does it as a way to pay off past favours. Tony offered to get the police involved and perform a sting operation at the drop off point, but Steve begged him not to do this, explaining they would suspect his involvement and kill him.

Ignoring Steve's pleas, Tony secretly set up the sting with partner Stan, hoping to create problems for Steve out of jealousy for his relationship with Fiona. Steve arrived at the drop off point and mid-deal the two police officers attempted to arrest the two scouse criminals there to pick up the goods. But things turned bad and, after Tony revealed he knew Steve, one of the criminals was shot dead, the other arrested. Realising what this meant for Steve and feeling guilty, Tony let Steve go to explain what happened to Fiona, as the one criminal alive was sure to tell the police what happened, meaning Steve would be a wanted man. Steve was then forced to flee the country and leave Fiona behind. After all of this, Tony asked an outraged Fiona if she wanted to go for a drink, still believing ridiculously that he stood a chance with her.

By the end of Series 3 it appeared that Tony is a sergeant, as that is what another officer said to catch his attention.


  • It appears that Tony's Officer Number is 5291 as it is printed across the shoulder straps of his uniform.
  • In Episode 4 of Series 2 a large picture of Fiona and Tony can be seen on the wall of Tony's living room. The same picture is shown to have been made into a snow globe which he has on a table and later can be seen on the side of his office cubicle. Steve also found the same photograph inlaid within the base of an ashtray, and Tony, on seeing this, looked guiltily away. Steve took the ashtray with him.