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Tommy is a regular patron at The Alibi Room, where most of his scenes take place. He is often seen teasing Frank. He is portrayed by Michael Patrick McGill.


Season One

Tommy appears several times in scenes in the Alibi with Frank.

Season Two

In A Bottle of Jean Nate, he is one of the few to laugh at Frank's treatment by his abusive mother.

In Fiona Interrupted it is revealed Tommy has a son named Pat who works at a hospital as a Support Services Technician (Janitor).

Season Three

When watching Frank on television, he and Kermit makes jokes about his sexuality after his speech.

Later on, he cheers for Lip when Frank has the bar celebrate his son's graduation. He eagerly accepts Frank's push up challenge but loses.

Season Four

During Hope Springs Eternal, Tommy reveals to Kev of him owning a gun when he tries to scare his customers.

In The Legend of Bonnie & Carl, Tommy is invited to the Jackson House by Frank's eldest daughter Sammi to help make Frank's last days great. He enjoys the sight of Frank drinking a non-alcoholic drink and makes jokes about Kev's recent purchase while Frank is happy at the bar being brought to him.

In Liver, I Hardly Know Her, he attended Frank and Sheila's wedding at the hospital and was surprised when the staff takes Frank to give him his new liver.

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven

During Hiraeth, he is at the Alibi where he converses with Kev, V, and Svetlana. He watches Svetlana shows great skill in math and is impressed by it. Tommy soon witnesses Frank return after he disappeared for a month, he sees Frank in a wheelchair and questions him on this. Tommy learns of Frank being in a coma and his wheelchair is temporary. Tommy then watches Frank curse Kev, V, and Svetlana once he recalls them throwing him in a river.

He mostly serves as a recurring character at the Alibi, often making comments.

During You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?, he is present as a pantsless Frank runs in asking for a drink. Tommy and Kermit laugh at this before they watch as Frank doesn't argue with Svetlana about paying for drinks and his tab they are surprised by this, asking what happened. They are told to be quiet by Frank since he is now in a low state.

Season Eight

Tommy is a recurring character in this season, he is one of the few people put off by Frank's change. He more or less ignores him and tries to help him with being accustomed to new things.

Season Nine

He and Kermit recommend that Frank join Hobo Loco.

Season 10

Season 11

In This Is Chicago!, Kermit samples some of the weed brownies and gummies that Kev and V made. This caused Tommy to participate and they consumed all of the samples on the bar. As a result, they were so out of it that they ended up in the restroom. While there, they had a drug induced encounter.

As of Go Home, Gentrifier!, the pair are now uncomfortable with each other and put some distance between them. They are so awkward that they do not talk and refuse to explain to anyone of the event.


  • Despite stating he hates Frank, he often partakes in his activities even helping him when he was in danger. This shows he does see him as a friend.
  • He has children and is divorced from his wife who took the house.
  • He owns a construction yard.