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To the Future is the tenth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.

A feuding Karen and Jamie share a mortgage, and Jamie is looking for a buyer, which is where Joe Pritchard steps in, subtly manipulating the breakdown in Karen and Jamie's marriage before he offers forty grand to buyout Jamie. This only angers Karen further, as she is also secretly having an affair with him.

After nearly incinerating a letter from Liam's school, Frank and Norma (who is made by Debbie to go in Monica's place) are summoned by the headmistress of the school, who states that Liam is at least two years ahead of his peers academically and informs them of an advanced learning program for pupils with Liam's abilities. Debbie finds herself jealous, since neither Frank or Monica were there whenever she had opportunities come her way back in school. Liam's confidence during an interview at a university falters. A situation which could have been made worse when Frank attempted to steal The Joy of Sex book from the university library, but Debbie suddenly steps in to support Liam. Overcoming his earlier shyness, Liam defiantly tells the interviewing panel why education is important in society, with Debbie beaming with pride behind him.

Shane hires Meena Karib to perform his physiotherapy, despite Kelly's suspicions. But this is not Kelly's only problem when Rodney, Lillian Tyler's estranged son returns to the Chatsworth after sixteen years. But the story of his life during his years from Chatsworth does not add up. He tells Kelly that he once worked as a footman at Buckingham Palace, while his mother believes that he worked on the staff of the Prime Minister at eighteen. After two police officers arrive at Lillian's looking for Rodney Tyler, Kelly and Lillian learn that Rodney is a conman who has been identified by police stealing life-savings from pensioners in Wigan. They don't turn Rodney in, but efore he leaves, Lillian gives her son a generous amount of money. After he leaves, an exasperated Kelly decries Lillian a "soft touch", but Lillian tells her that the money was counterfeit (confiscated earlier from a rejected client).

Mimi is struggling to keep her marriage together, made difficult by Paddy's urge to shoot-up heroin. But it gets worse when Paddy reveals how he got addicted during a drug-induced stupour.

Maxine is secretly spying on a shirtless Carl when she spots Mickey doing the same.


. Jamie's marriage with Karen reaches its lowest point in this episode, when Jamie sells his share in the pub The Jockey to Joe Pritchard, who is secretly having an affair with Karen.

. Sheila Jackson is referenced in a conversation where Mandy suggests to Karen about getting a loan from her mum.

. Monica is mentioned several times in the episode.

. This is the first episode where Liam's genius status expressly stated. It has been hinted as early as Series 4.

. First appearance of Lillian's son, Rodney Tyler in Shameless.

. Mimi finds out how Paddy came to be a heroine addict.

. Shane comes close to regaining full mobility after suffering from a head trauma in Episode 7.