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Three Boys is the fifth episode of the first season of Shameless.


The family fakes a wedding for Kevin when they learn Veronica comes with a substantial dowry; Frank is forced to schedule a biopsy after receiving startling news at the hospital; Steve looks for a new car, with Fiona along for the ride.


Veronica excitedly plans her wedding after meeting with her mother, Carol, who implies that Veronica’s late father had left her a substantial dowry. After being pressured by Fiona, Kevin reveals to Veronica that he is separated but still legally married to his abusive wife, Cheryl. At Fiona’s suggestion, Kevin and Veronica decide to set up a fake wedding in order to receive the cash payment from Carol.

Kevin, Veronica and the Gallaghers set up the wedding: Fiona plans an impromptu bachelorette party for Veronica, Steve will provide the cake, and Debbie and Sheila help with the wedding dress. However, Kevin and Veronica encounter a problem: Carol, who is religious, wants the wedding to be officiated by an ordained priest. Lip, Ian and Carl end up blackmailing Father Pete into officiating the wedding at the Alibi Room.

Frank goes to the hospital for a check-up, and discovers from his disability doctor that he has a strange third lump in his scrotum. The doctor instructs Frank to schedule a biopsy for testicular cancer. After revealing the news of his biopsy, Sheila worries that Frank may die. Frank reels from the fact that he may have cancer; he drinks heavily and temporarily joins a cancer support group. He ultimately finds out that the biopsy came back negative, and that his tumour is benign.

At the Kash and Grab, Ian discovers that Linda and the boys will be out-of-town on an overnight retreat. With Linda’s absence, Kash invites Ian to spend the night at his place. Ian agrees to the plan, and he visits Kash’s bedroom that night. However, Ian quickly feels overwhelmed upon seeing Linda’s stuff scattered around the bedroom. Feeling weirded out from witnessing Kash’s home life, Ian decides to leave.

On the morning of their wedding, Kevin and Veronica encounter another problem: Veronica’s mentally unstable and pyromaniac brother, Marty Fisher, has broken out of prison in hopes of attending the wedding. Veronica does not want Marty to come to the wedding, fearing that he’ll ruin it. When Marty discovers this, he locks himself in the bathroom with a lighter and threatens to burn the house down. Fiona and Veronica end up injecting a needle into Marty’s leg, causing him to pass out, and they handcuff him to the toilet.

With Marty out of the way, the Gallaghers continue on with the wedding. While Lip picks up Frank and Karen for the wedding, Sheila announces her plans to leave the house and also attend the wedding. However, Sheila experiences a panic attack right before she opens the door: Karen sadly tells Sheila that she’ll get her a piece of cake.

At the Alibi Room, Kevin and Veronica get “married” by Father Pete. Carol gives Kevin and Veronica the cash payment, which they discover is only five hundred dollars. Steve, with the wedding cake, arrives at the wedding late; he and Fiona share a kiss. Lip and Karen have sex in the bathroom, in which they discover Marty, who has escaped, in the adjoining stall. Marty pulls out a box of matches and lights a match, staring at it intensely.

Post Credit Scene

Sheila is watching Princess Diana's wedding on the television. Eddie makes a snide remark about Princess Diana: "She's dead now. How's that for happily ever after?" Sheila stares at Eddie and calls him an asshole.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Sandy Martin - Doctor
  • Joe Baggio - Man in Neckbrace
  • Sharon Blynn - Bald Woman
  • Sam Doumit - Sonny
  • Bonnie Morgan - Teresa
  • Garrett Morris - Old Priest
  • Phil Parolisi - Man at Bar
  • Elena Plesa - Hungarian Woman
  • Jonathan Spencer - Andy
  • Antoinette Spolar - Woman
  • David Wells - Father Pete
  • Hannah Leder - Female Nurse
  • Biff Yeager - Billy


  • Jennifer Barbosa - Cancer Survivor
  • Erika Fitzgerald - Kev's Ex-Wife
  • Susie Geiser - Lexus Woman