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There's The Rub is the fifth episode in Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona’s series of bad decisions involving Robbie finally boil over. Meanwhile, Frank and Sammi pursue a cure for Frank’s liver trouble and try to catch up on missed father-daughter time; and Lip gets a surprise visit at college from Army investigators.


Fiona meets Robbie in a last ditch effort to get him to stop calling and texting her. He shows her the pay-by-the hour hotel he’d like to take her to. Later, Fiona deletes Robbie from her cell phone, but not her life as she finds out he is on the guest list for a dinner with Mike and his family.

Later, at dinner with Mike’s family, they celebrate Fiona's birthday as she tries to play it cool when in the room with the brothers. The brothers have an argument and take it outside. They begin to fight and Fiona freaks out that her secret is out. She doesn’t get any details before being asked to leave by Mike and his mother. Fiona shows up at Robbie’s to find out what happened. He admits he told Mike about their affair and she slaps him.

Lip is at college and studies before going to sit on the toilet, before he gets accosted by Army personnel about his connection to one of their own who is using Lip’s identity for criminal acts. They reveal a picture of Ian and Lip is shocked but doesn't reveal his connection to his brother as the soldiers leave but want to contact him for help

At the Gallagher House, Sammi is excited at being in the home of her father and wishes to meet her siblings and Frank says they are out. Sammi soon discusses her disappointment of finding out Frank was her dad, because she’d had more sexual plans in mind. She also laments that he didn’t even attempt to find her because she was his daughter, but because he needed something from her. After a heart-to-heart, they seem to get along wonderfully as she assures him she will help him get the money he needs.

Later on, Fiona attempts to call Mike to find out her work status. Fiona shows up to work and gets presented with a birthday cake. She attempts to talk with Mike after the makeshift party. She opens up to Mike about why she slept with Robbie. Mike tells her he is sorry for not being more interesting.

The next day, Carl and Debbie are hanging out in the house when Lip comes in. He reveals the army came for him and asks if they know about this. A flashback reveals that Carl was the one who told the army where to find him. However, Carl says he doesn't know and Debbie inquires on this as Lip reveals Ian's impersonation of him and enlisting in the army before deserting them. Debbie offers to help Lip and they hold off on telling Fiona. Lip also goes to a lead for finding Ian.

Frank later asks Carl to break his leg so that he could get a check for his surgery. While he sleeps, Carl carries out the act and Frank's leg is broken. Afterwards Frank shows his x-ray of the bad break in his leg, he is told that he’ll easily get 100,000 for the injury, but not for 16 months, which he is scared will be too late for his liver. He heads home and talks to Sheila and her Native-American boyfriend.

After hearing about some of the man’s tribal practices for healing, Frank decides he wants to try a liver cleanse and they all toast to it. Frank tracks Carl and introduces him to his sister and nephew. Sammi is excited at meeting one of her siblings while Carl is uncomfortable at having another older sister. However, Carl is happy when Frank tells him that they will build a sweat lodge. They spend much of the rest of the episode planning for the liver cleanse because of all the crazy items they need to perform the ceremonial cleansing. The police show up during the sweat cleanse and Frank appears passed out.

Robbie later shows up to her house, coke in hand, wanting to party a bit with Fiona. Fiona kicks him out, but the baggie of coke still sits on the table. Fiona, Deb, and Kev start partying, each doing a few lines. Debbie and Lip get back. Debbie screams as she finds Liam in the kitchen with his face full of that was left of the cocaine. Ambulances and paramedics arrive and Fiona is forced to tell them he got into her coke. The tragic scene ends with Liam being taken away while everyone is left scared and shocked. Later, they all wait in the hospital waiting to hear something. Police arrive at the hospital to arrest Fiona. As she sits in back of the police car, she loses it as she worries about Liam, her arrest, her job, losing Mike, and custody of the kids because of yet another mistake on her part.

Kev is beyond angry about the construction being done in front of the bar because of the impact it will have on business.

Sheila is at the house as Lip arrives, getting dinner ready for the date she plans to entertain while babysitting the kids. Lip asks about Ian and whether or not any men from the Army have dropped by. When Debbie asks why, Lip explains that Ian is using his identity in the Army but got caught stealing helicopters. Lip sets out, with Debbie’s help, to find Ian. The two find an old lover of Ian, Jimmy's father who was formerly Ian’s jilted lover. He gives Lip and Debbie the address where he believes Ian can be found and tells them he is with their mother at a house. Debbie opens up to Lip about her former boyfriend and attempts to seem older than she is. They continue to track down Ian and their latest clue brings them to a gay club.

Ian is found, make-up on and dressed to thrill, working behind the bar. Ian downplays the problems he’s caused and Lip and Debbie get kicked out when they attempt to talk to Ian.

Mickey’s plan to help his wife and the girls that forced them to leave Sasha is making things too uncomfortable at home as Mandy comes home to find her man with one of the “workers.” Kev, meanwhile, is planning a creative way to add to their failing business by using the women for a “Rub and Tub.” Kev gets surprised when throwing out the trash. He decides to use the demand for a payment on his loan to introduce his new business and offers hand jobs for the guys ready to pounce on him. By the end, the bar is jumping and the girls are happily working again.



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  • Fiona's affair with Robbie gets revealed to Mike.
  • Military police come looking for Ian who has been posing as Lip.
  • Lip and Debbie find Ian.
  • Sammi meets one of her half-siblings.
  • Kev and Mickey set up a rub and tug upstairs from the bar.
  • Robbie leaves coke at Fiona's.
  • Sammi and Sheila help build a sweat lodge for Frank.
  • Liam ingests coke at Fiona's birthday party and has to go to the hospital, which leads to Fiona getting arrested.


Fiona:I think I was trying to prove something, not to you but to myself. Prove that I didn't deserve you. Or this job. Your parents, your friends, all these nice normal functional people. I really didn't think I deserved any of it. And in the end I was right.

Kev:Baby look we are victims of a society that squeezes the lower middle class. Screws up our businesses because of jackhammers and taxes and regulations and unnecessary paperwork. Basically forces us to do illegal shit. Now I'm having 4 kids and if that means I gotta turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American Dream, that's how it's gotta be.

Debbie:If it wasn't sex then what was the problem?
Lip:Everything else.

Sammi:My whole life I've been looking for a daddy.



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