The Working Man (1) is the first episode of the tenth series of Shameless. It follows Frank being forced into his first job in decades after he has his benefits cut.


Frank's old excuses fail to wash with the Department of Work and Pensions, so faced with losing benefits his hopes rest with the World of Burgers.

Shane and Jackson launch a new enterprise of bootleg booze, but it's rank and nobody is buying their stuff. Billy offers to help and concocts a brew using his extraordinary sense of smell and amazingly it's a great success. But Shane is seriously hacked off. It's time to lay down the law...

Meanwhile, Avril supplies pills to Patty, who wants more than her recommended dosage, but when Avril turns down her request, Patty springs into action with a plan to steal them.

Post Credit Scene

The scene opens on a close up shot of Mimi standing behind the bar in The Jockey as she says "the only thing a smell test is going to prove is that you can't tell shite from sugar". The camera shows Jamie and Karen watching as Shane is blindfolded and asked if he is ready by Jackson. Shane replies yes and a pint class of clear liquid is held under his nose while the camera shows Jamie zipping up his fly. Shane says "a hint of vanilla maybe" before guessing it correctly. Everyone cheers as Jamie shoves a pint glass full of his own urine under Shane's nose which causes him to gag before commenting "fuck me thats yeasty, barley?" to which everyone says well done. He guesses it incorrectly but everyone pretends he was right as he removes the blindfold and Jamie quickly hides his urine under the bar and Karen says he has a nose like a sniffer dog.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Perveen Hussain - Doctor
  • Gillian Waugh - Interviewer
  • Lee Worswick - Darren
  • John Bradley - Wesley
  • Jodie Hamblett - Gemma



Avril: Not 'appening Patty, get too fond of these things [pills] and before you 
know it you'll be clucking like some desperate junkie.
Patty: Like it could ever come to that.
Avril: Next thing you'll be giving noshes for a tenner
Patty: Chance would be a fine thing, I'd pay them.

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