The Wild Wales (2) is the ninth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

Carl and Chesney, forced on the run by Jimmy Dee, hike all the way to northern Wales, where they come across a farm owned by a women named Hazel. After being initially being forcibly imprisoned by Hazel, she takes them in for breakfast after apologising for her being high on her own weed (which she grows on her farm for personal use. Soon, though, it is revealed that Hazel has more to hide on her farm than marijuana.

Both Liam and Maxine are worried about the disappearance of Carl and Chesney. But soon, the Chatsworth council choose both Micky and Liam to produce a film to highlight the poverty of the Chatsworth Estate. Micky strives to stretch the limits of poetic licence with his latter-day interpretation of Taxi Driver. While Liam uses the competition as a cover to record evidence against Jimmy in order to clear the names of Chesney and Carl.

Mimi attempts to fit in at a club for sophisticated ladies, but after being made the butt of their jokes, and at one point, the unintentional scapegoat in a shoplifting, she concocts her own brand of revenge.

Ashamed of standing by when Maxine gets assaulted by Sammy, Jimmy's sister, Ian attempts to record a confession from Jimmy, but suffers a beating for his trouble.


  • Narrator: Chesney Karib. This is the first episode to be narrated by him.
  • Micky arranges for the final cut of his independent film to be screened at The Jockey. Micky plays the part of Robert De Niro in the film Taxi Driver, Liam played the Jodie Foster's role, while Paddy, Mimi, Shane, Libby, Lillian and Kelly play and assortment of characters including both pimps and hookers.
  • Liam reveals something of the Chatsworth Estate's history, claiming that it was once an overspilled garden suburb during the post-war years.
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