The Wedding is the eighth episode of the third series of Shameless. It features the wedding of Frank and Sheila.


With Frank and Sheila's wedding fast approaching, Sheila hires some builders to erect a conservatory for the big day. However when she realizes they will have to dig up the patio she tries to cancel the building work but the good Christian builders refuse, even when she offers to let them keep the money.

After Frank catches her trying to stop the builders with a shovel she sits him down and reveals a worrying secret. Sheila was married before she was married to her ex-husband Eddie, to Sheldon who died of a heart attack. Sheila buried him in the garden because it's "what he would have wanted" but Frank has his doubts about the situation and begins to fear Sheila is a psychopath, perhaps with good reason.

Veronica discovers that her last free round of IVF has failed and with no money to pay for it she fears she will never have children. She soon has an idea though when she realizes Sheila's first husband was buried in the garden with his large amount of gold jewelry. Enlisting Frank's help she decides to dig Sheldon up and pawn his jewelry for another round of IVF but more than the body is revealed when they get digging.

Meanwhile, Debbie happily takes over the role of bride's maid for the wedding when Karen isn't interested but when Carol refuses to steal her a dress she is forced to rely on Brian, a young boy who fancies her. Lip gives his bedroom a makeover in the hope that Mandy will agree to move in with Katie.

Post Credit Scene

Cliff Richard's song Congratulations can be heard again as Sheila and Frank are seen cutting the cake at their wedding. Sheila happily cleans the knife unaware that Frank is giving a nervous look to an equally worried looking Veronica. Finally he takes the knife from her and cuts the cake himself before smiling widely as the chrowd cheers.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alice Barry - Lillian Tyler
  • Trevor Williams - Builder
  • Jake McDonald - Brian
  • Margaret Henshaw - Mary
  • Maggie Fox - Registrar



Veronica: She's buried him with a load of gold! He was covered in it, rings, 
watches, teeth, must be worth a fortune!
Frank: And what the fuck's that got to do with me?
Veronica: I want you to dig him up!
Frank: Dig..are you off your head..dig him up? It's not Brookside, he's a dead 
Veronica: Exactly, he don't need it does he, eh?! It was years ago, he'll only be 
a bag of bones.
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