The Truth Will Out is the fifth episode of the tenth series of Shameless.


Shane get's too close to the family of the man he killed in a hit and run and ends up becoming a part of their lives. Using a fake name he tries to help the man's troubled son but soon ends up in the bed of his wife. Haunted by the man himself Shane attempts to make up for his actions but soon finds he has only made things worse.

A new Brothel opens up across the road from Lillian's with a much more modern style and begins to take all Lillian's customers by charging half the price. An angry Kelly takes her frustration out on Lillian and accepts a job offer to work for the enemy.

The girl from Chesney's sex dreams turns out to be one of the hookers from the new brothel but struggling to make sense due to nerves, Chesney is forced to take help from Patty. Meanwhile, Billy tries to convince everyone that he can turn women on with a look.

Post Credit Scene

Billy is shown trying his stare from earlier in the episode, accompanied by the same unusual music, with Chesney stood next to him. Chesney turn to Billy and frowns as Billy continues to stare at a random girl across the road. The camera suddenly cuts to Aidan who is stood with them as he says Billy is full of shit. Billy tells him to shut up as he is concentrating, which makes Chesney laugh then ask "what, like orange juice?" Billy continues his stare and suddenly the girl from across the road begins to walk over to him. She is half way there when her clothes are suddenly ripped off on their own, she gasps and tries to cover herself as Billy shouts exitedly and Chesney and Aidan stare open mouthed.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jennifer James - Ruthie
  • Lee Abbate - Sean
  • Paul Popplewell - Eddie
  • Jennifer Hennessy - Louise
  • Lauren Grace - Beccy



Chesney: I keep having this dream, the same dream.
Billy: I keep having one of them as well, has it got a dolphin in it?
Chesney: A sex dream!
Billy: Yeah, so?
Kelly: This is all wrong.
Louise: It's efficient.
Kelly: It might be the oldest profession but it's still a dirty secret for a
Louise: And that would be?
Kelly: That it is dirty. Risky, wrong it's part of its lust and appeal. You 
serve it up with lattes and frappuccinos and you make it...
Louise: What?
Kelly: Just another transaction.
Louise: Would that be so bad?
Kelly: Well that depends, does the coffee come free with the girl or the
girl with the coffee?
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