The Things You Do for Love is the fifth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


Maxine is desperate to make a good impression at her parents' party so cajoles Ian into pretending to be her boyfriend. He reluctantly agrees, but their act unearths deep feelings that take everyone by surprise.

Meanwhile, Carl realises what he's lost by splitting up with Maxine so he is determined to win her back. But Carl soon finds love and hate are two sides of the same coin when Micky's reveals a painful secret.

At The Jockey, Mimi does her best to conceal Karen's illness after she returns from the psychiatric unit. While Karen settles back into Chatsworth life, Jamie struggles to cope with the reality of living with mental illness. Escaping for a night out, Jamie meets Michelle Critchall, a Madame of a thriving male Escort Agency who plans to seduce him into a murky but lucrative new job.

While Lillian is away, Kelly takes control of the Brothel and is soon making a fortune from an untapped market. Paddy is keen to get in on the action but Kelly's not interested, so he forces Chesney to become part of the Maguire organisation and accept an offer he can't refuse.

Liam is tired of doing all the chores, so stays at Lillian's house after school with Kelly's consent. Frank tries to persuade him to come home, but fails. This gets further expanded on in the next episode.

Elsewhere, Joe is hosting some illicit gambling in the backroom of his shop since getting tagged by the police, due to the brawl at the casino during the previous episode.

Post Credit Scene

The Shameless theme continues to play from the credits as Chesney Karib is seen stacking boxes in the stock room of the shop. He spots something inside a box, the camera cuts to him un-boxing one of the "lady shave" electric razors Joe mentioned earlier in the episode before cutting to Chesney's legs as he pulls down his underwear. The camera looks up at his torso and face as electric buzzing can be heard and clumps of hair fly, suddenly the buzzing is interrupted by the noise of razor on skin causing Chesney to curse and stop. The camera pans to the open door of the stock room as Joe, joined by friends from earlier in the episode look into the room to investigate the noise. They all look seriously at Chesney before Joe tells him he isn't going to ask and closes the door behind him.


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