The Runaway is the fourth episode of the fourth series of Shameless. It is notable for developing Ian Gallagher's sexuality.


Ian has a brief encounter with a girl on the run from Shane Maguire who manages to convince him into hiding her in the attic of the Gallagher house until she can get away from Chatsworth. However, he begins to fall for her and much to his surprise they end up in bed together but Frank inadvertently reveals all to Shane in the pub. Ian and his new love plan a new life on the run from the Maguires but Ian has second thoughts at the last minute, still unsure what this means for his sexuality and identity he decided to stay.

Mimi stops talking when her brother gets killed. Paddy, and Shane desperately try to make her talk but she fears that she is cursed and everyone who she wishes was dead turns up murdered. Later, a confrontation between Lip, Paddy and Mandy forces Mimi to step in and save the day.

When Kash sacks Ian, Yvonne knows there is something going on. Investigating further, she discovers he is in debt and has taken a loan on their house. Appalled at Kash's secrets, Yvonne comes up with a plan to fix things once and for all.

Mandy is annoyed at the lack of privacy the Gallaghers give her and Lip. Karen and Jamie try ot outdo each other at The Jockey but it is clear there is a spark between them. Lillian gets herself a toyboy who thinks she is rich. Carl gets a pizza delivery job but Ian crashes his bike. Frank gets into trouble with Paddy and Shane when he steals one of their scratch cards. Paddy orders Lip to propose to Mandy. 

Post Credit Scene

A young man leaves Lillian's house half dressed, calling her a liar as he goes. Lillian stands in the doorway wearing lingerie and blows him a kiss. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Lillian tells someone she lied to a man and told him she was rich to have sex with him.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Natalie Gavin - Anna
  • Scott Wright - Bradford
  • Christopher Simpson - Murad
  • Joe Standerline - Australian Priest


  • Narrator: Ian Gallagher.
  • This is the final regular appearance of Kash Karib. He returns in Series 6 for one episode.
  • Monica Gallagher only appears in a cameo role.
  • Despite debuting earlier at the start of this series, Micky Maguire is strangely absent, yet the rest of his family appear as normal. This was likely just a way to phase the character in gradually, rather than becoming prominent straight away.
  • This is Ian's first full sexual encounter with a female.

Deleted Scenes

  • Ian is seen telling Carl that his pizza delivery bike is wrecked on the cause way. Carl then arrives late to the pizza shop and appologizes, telling the owner that the bike wouldn't start. He also comments that he loves biking on such nights and feeling the wind in his hair, before adding that he means under a helmet of course. He is then seen running various deliveries of pizza to customers and being told that they don't want them as they're cold. At the last house no one answers and Carl begins posting individual slices through the letter box, shouting that he is on time and the pizza isn't cold. Just inside the front door is shown and an obviously dead large man in a "British Heart Foundation" t-shirt is seen lying infront of the door. The last slice Carl posts lands in his mouth. Later, Carl is seen helping Ian and Anna onto the repaired bike and commenting that he didn't want the job anymore anyway. Later still, Carl is sat in the Gallagher kitchen with his family as Debbie counts out money. The pizza shop owner then enters and angrily asks Carl where the bike is, causing Carl to run out of the house, chased by him.