The Ninth Time Around is the sixteenth and final episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It features the birth of Stella Gallagher.


As small earthquakes rock the estate, Monica goes into labour. Ian is forced to comfort her while they wait for the midwife but Monica tries to delay the birth until Frank arrives, unaware that he is in a coma.

One of the quakes knocks Frank off his stool at The Jockey, and Jamie and Karen are forced to phone an ambulance but say he fell outside out of fear of legal action. Frank is rushed to hospital but remains in a coma suffering from strange dreams.

Carl confuses everyone by taking Katie on a daily trip to the local park. His motives are less than altruistic however, he is pretending to be a single parent to Katie to attract a local girl, Bindy. Things take a turn however when he hears that Frank has been rushed to hospital and leaves Katie with Bindy. Only returning to collect her, he is unable to find Bindy and the address she gave him is a burned out house. Panicking, he is forced to try and recall her face (due to his main focus always being her chest) and track her down before Mandy or the Maguires find out.

Kelly finds herself pregnant but can't bring herself to tell Shane, so heads for an abortion alone. Kelly can't bring herself to take the pill however and when Shane finds out he follows a Maguire tradition and proposes.

Post Credit Scene

Frank is seen using the urinal in the men's toilet in The Jockey. Lillian walks up and the sound of a zip is heard followed by the sound of urination. After a few seconds Frank looks over and realizes that it's Lillian, he looks down and realizes that she is urinating with a penis. She says "get a good eye-full won't you mate?" as a stunned Frank watches her begin to walk away. He turns around and looks only to find himself alone in the toilet, with not enough time passing for Lillian to have left, he looks around confusedly. This is a reference to earlier in the episode, as well as a long standing gag, that Frank often makes jokes about Lillian being a man.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Sally Carman - Kelly Ball
  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Kirsty-Leigh Porter - Bindy
  • Andrew Grose - Dr Fosborough
  • Justine Adams - Nurse
  • Casey Ellis - Lad
  • Emma Bispham - Health Worker



Ian: Is it [baby] on its way?
Monica: Well a gallon of water out the fanny is a definite sign.
Ian: Don't say "fanny"!
Liam: Is he a nurse or a doctor?
Debbie: Nurse, they're just chatting. If he was a doctor they'd be crawling 
up his arse.
Liam: I'd never be a male nurse.
Debbie: Why not, It's not gay.
Liam: I know it isn't, but you spend all day shaving men's pubes off.
Debbie: Who told you that?
Liam: Gary on reception.
Kelly: Is there a Maguire tradition if you knock a girl up?
Paddy: There is, never give your real name.


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