The Night Before is the first episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


Everyone is talking about Libby and Frank's forthcoming wedding, but the nuptial plans are thrown into chaos at Frank's stag do when he disappears.

Meanwhile, Mimi and her surprise baby daughter Cilla have moved back in with her boys, but the question remains - who's the daddy?

Post Credit Scene

Frank is sat up strapped to a chair while his voice over talks about alien abductions and how they always have a running theme of fear before happily saying that hasn't fit with his own experience. An alien version of Monica is lowered from the ceiling wearing a silver cat suit and thick make up, she hangs in the air over Frank before unzipping her top to reveal her large breasts are emblazoned with the words "Lager" and "Bitter". Frank smiles ecstatically until his voice over laughs about how he even escaped the classic "anal probing" but at that moment his legs are lifted in the air on their own and the alien Monica walks up to him with surgical instruments, with which she does just that.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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