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The Legend of Bonnie & Carl is the ninth episode of the  Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Carl connects with a troubled girl in detention; Lip grows close to his roommate’s ex-girlfriend; Debbie tries to make life miserable for the new girl in Matty’s life; Fiona struggles to get a job now that she has a criminal record; Sheila returns from her trip to the reservation with plans to adopt Native American kids; Mickey ignores the birth of his son to spend time with an erratic-behaving Ian.




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  • Fiona struggles to find a job with her criminal record.
  • Sheila comes home and helps Sammi make Frank's last days comfortable.
  • Mickey stays at the Gallagher house and teams up with Ian to pay some child support.
  • Lip gets chased by Mandy's boyfriend.
  • Lip sort of starts dating his roommate's ex girlfriend.
  • Carl has his first kiss.
  • Debbie tries to scare Matty's new girlfriend.


Some Guy:If you’re gonna take my money, least you can do is have the twink suck me off.
Mickey:That’s all you think he is? Some twink?
Some Guy:He gave me blue balls.
Mickey:Did he? Now they're black and blue balls.

Carl:I'm kind of a badass.

Mickey:You are the worst fucking pimp I've ever seen.
Kev:Is it supoosed to be some kind of insult?

Svetlana:You can watch him.
Mickey:I got better shit to do.
Svetlana:Yeah, like what? Do assfuck with Orange boy?
Mickey:Watch yourself.
Svetlana:You think you scare me? You're 130 pounds of Ukrainian pussy. What's your father gonna saywhen he gets out of jail and I tell him you spend everyday with Orange boy rubbing your dicks together? He's gonna cut yours off and shove it up boyfriends anus. Right where you like it.

Debbie:Guys suck.
Mandy:You're just figuring this out now?

Fiona:I should have told the fucking cops that it was you! I should told them it was you!
Robbie:Hey, hey! Alright!
Fiona:Everything was great, and now it's fucked! Everything is fucked because of you.

Carl:How can you tell when you're in love with someone?
Debbie:When you want to rip someone's heart out and stomp on it until it's soup.

Sammi:Couldn’t bring you to the bar, so we brought the bar to you.

Debbie: Why do guys care so much about sex?
Carl: Because it feels awesome.
Debbie: How would you know?
Carl: If my hand's anything like the real thing, it's off the chain.



This episode was viewed by 1.70 million people.