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The F Word is the third episode of the sixth season of Shameless' US version.


The Gallaghers learn Fiona is pregnant. As a result, Fiona and Debbie try to change each other's descision regarding their pregnancys. Debbie also makes her older sister realize she still has unfinished business with Gus. Lip has arranged a new job for Ian. Carl's business of selling weapons at school is booming. Kev has to deal with guilt over having caused his neighbors paralyzis.


Ian, having quit the job Fiona had arranged for him in the previous episode, visits Lip at college, because his older brother has arranged a new one there with the janitors. His new work mainly consists of emptying trash cans on campus. However, Ian increasingly becomes dissatisfied with cleaning up after kids much smarter than him. Said discontent makes him get into a brawl with Lip, and quit his new work right afterwards. Lip discusses with his professor first, and another friend later, that Ian is capable of far more than the untrained work he has been doing, yet seems to assume otherwise due to his bipolar disorder. While wandering aimlessly around the city, Ian watches a man commiting a hit and run accident. As soon as he realizes a woman is still inside the burning cars, he rushes to pull rescue her out of it, and faints along the process. He is ventilated by a fire worker, whom Ian stares at with dreamy eyes. This hints a future romance with said fire worker, and a potential employment in fire fighting.