The End of the Affair is the fifteenth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

Joe learns during his birthday party, that his father has recently died. Karen, in secret comforts Joe, who wants to make their relationship public, makes plans to leave Chatsworth with Karen and Connor, whose paternity he's convinced of. Karen soon confesses her infidelity to Jamie, who also confesses to some of his own.

Frank learns that Patty Croker is claiming disability living allowances in the names of a number of long-dead acquiantances, and steals their details. In revenge, Patty reports Frank to the police, and Frank is forced to share a cell with a man convicted of murder and cannibalism.  

As Bruce Donnelly becoming the manager for the Jockey football team, he arranges them to play against an all-gay team in a five-a-side tournament. Ian is later forced to admit to Chesney that he used to be in a relationship with his father, Kash.

Maxine bumps into her old art teacher, who, over drinks, confesses that he used to have a crush on her.


. Narrator: Joe Pritchard. This is the only episode to be narrated by him.

. Ian is attracted to one of the members of the rival football team, and confesses his homosexuality to Chesney Karib and Shane Maguire, as Bruce, Carl and Micky already know.

. Both Ian and Maxine come close to cheating on one another in this episode.

. Jamie finally learns about the affair between Karen and Joe that has been ongoing since Series 6.

. Liam Gallagher is absent in this episode.

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