The Brazilian Effect is the third episode of the tenth series of Shameless.


Marty befriends a Brazilian housemaid and determines to rescue her from her life of servitude. Kelly insists it's none of their business, but that doesn't deter Marty, who liberates her with a stack of cash he was supposed to be banking for Lillian...

Dom springs an uninvited guest on Gloria: their birth mother Hazel. There's no love lost between the two, but is it time for Gloria to extend the hand of friendship?

And Billy's sick of people taking advantage. Karen reckons the answer to his problems is a self-help tape.

Post Credit Scene

Marty is shown wearing a sexy maid's outfit and cleaning. He turn to face the camera begins checking a list as he says "that's about it, except for this last one". The camera turn to reveal Lillian sat in her arm chair watching him and smiling. Marty struggles to read the paper before saying he can't read Lillian's writing. Kelly approaches him looking worried and says she thinks it says Brazilian and lifting a razor. Kelly and Marty both look at each other looking scared as Lillian slowly lifts her skirt. Marty scrunches up his face while Lillian grins and opens her legs as a musical wolf whistle plays in the background.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Natalia Tena - Aparecida
  • Clare Higgins - Hazel Meak
  • Emma Edmondson - Cheryl



Kelly: She's been investing it in kinky boots and when I say invest I mean 
stuffing it in them.
Marty: Why?
Kelly: Because, she doesn't trust the banks. Tell him why Lillian.
Lillian: They killed Diana.
Frank: Do you need a lesson in cultural gender roles in Western society or 
something? Tradition dictates whilst the man of the house is out to work the 
woman prepares his dinner.
Kelly: I'm not your woman Frank! Anyway, you work in a burger joint don't you?
Frank: I'm not gonna eat that shit! Should see what we do to it.
Marty: She was shipped over see, loads of them were, by this gang of men 
telling them they were getting a new life, land of opportunity. Only when they 
get here the jobs they were promised and the homes were nothing. 
Frank: Crate load of imigrants wash up and the council aren't chucking fully 
furnished semi's at them? Fuck me, they must be slipping.
Marty: Next thing she knows they're being moved around, bought and 
sold by rich families. Working for no money, she's a domestic slave!
Kelly: So you thought: Hey! We could do with one of them! You can't just buy a 
person Marty!
Frank: You are aware of the irony of course?
Marty: That's not why I did it! 
Kelly: Then why did you?
Marty: Because I had the chance to save someone, rescue them. How often does 
that happen 'round here?
Kelly: It wasn't your money!
Marty: I wasn't thinking about whose money it was, it was an impulse buy!
Kelly: She's not a fucking Twix! Your gonna have to return her, first thing in 
the morning and get the money back.
Frank: Yeah you've kept the receipt right?
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