The Big Day is the fourth episode of the second series of Shameless. It saw the temporary exit of Steve McBride.


Steve gets a taste of his own medicine when his car gets stolen forcing him to turn to Tony for help tracking it down. What Steve doesn't know is that Tony was the one who took his car to teach him a lesson but when inspecting it Tony finds it filled with cash and drugs. But the cash and drugs aren't Steve's, he delivers such cars rarely for extra money and is put in a dangerous position when Tony and Stan attempt to bust the people buying the drugs.

Fiona and Steve begin planning their wedding, but Steve is preoccupied with his car troubles. Lip and Mandy continue having sex at the Gallagher house to hide Ian's sexuality.

Veronica worries about her mother Carol's mental health when she sees how close she has become to her dog, Pepe. Meanwhile, Marty is more interested in getting rid of the dog as it doesn't seem to like him.

Post Credit Scene

Carol is stood across from the Gallagher house dressed in a period detective costume. She calls across to Marty, who is holding her dog Pepe, that it was the best present anyone has every gotten her [an Agatha Christie murder mystery cruise] before Marty let's her dog run to her. Marty suddenly shouts the dog's name as it is hit by a taxi which sends the dog flying into the air. Dreamy music plays and a slow motion shot follows the dog through the air, showing Marty and Carol's shocked faces as they look up at it. The music stops very suddenly and Pepe falls to the ground in front of Carol with an unpleasant sound effect. A close up of her face shows she is splattered with blood and looking upset, the camera cuts to Marty whose Tourettes Syndrome suddenly makes him twitch and bark.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Brendan Coyle - Father Polish
  • Adam Zane - Vet
  • Garry Cargil - Ollie
  • Pete Washington - Mack


  • Narrator: Veronica Fisher.
  • Steve McBride doesn't appear again until Episode 10 of this series.
  • During the scene of the botched drug-bust, Stan calls in for back up from CID. He repeats over the radio that his name is "Stan Baltimore" despite definitely being known as Stan Waterman later.
  • It is stated in the DVD commentary of this episode that during the scene involving Yvonne and Kash Karib that Chris Bisson (Kash) had broken his leg prior to filming, so that was the real reason he was sitting on the floor throughout the brief scene.
  • Frank comes close to realizing Ian is gay.


Father Polish: When were you last in church Fiona?
Fiona: Sunday.
Father Polish: Yes, but which?
Fiona: 1994
Veronica: She (Carol) keeps talking to herself.
Kev: Well it saves us a job don't it?
Frank: (singing) Where's your mama gone, where's your mama gone? Used to sing 
that to the kids when Monica fucked off, never a dry eye in the house.
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