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The Alibi Room is a bar owned by Kevin Ball. It is a frequently used location on the show. It is modeled after Moe's from The Simpsons.

Season One

Frank enters the bar and pretends to buy everyone a drink since it's disability day, meaning he got his disability check. Kevin asks how he was still getting the checks. After talking about how to trick the people from the government Frank asks why the bar is packed. It was caused because people were laid off at the Chrysler plant. This piece of information causes Frank to start a rant about working and it is only stopped when he sees how little money his change is, due to the bar tab from the previous month.

Kevin gathers everyone and announces that The Alibi Room now has a new TV. Everybody puts a money in a fireman helmet to contribute for the money spent on it, when Frank enters the bar. While nobody's watching he pours himself a beer. Everyone is busy staring at the new TV when Eddie Jackson turns around to start a fight with Frank, because his son, Ian, was given oral sex by his daughter, Karen. Eddie then leaves and Frank sits in the middle of the room with a bleeding nose, drinking his beer, nobody really looking at him. Kevin is seen shutting down and re-opening the Alibi. A customer who had not made it out the previous night is still lying on the counter so he makes him a breakfast beer with an egg in it. Later that day Lip and Karen come over to find out where Frank is, since he has been missing and it is the last Friday in the month. Kevin asks around if anyone has seen him leave with someone and apparently he has left with Steve. When Frank returns to the Alibi after returning from Canada everybody sings the Canadian Anthem and waves small Canadian flags. Just after looking around he realizes Eddie is sitting next to him. He starts ranting about his family and the way he talks about his wife, Sheila, he makes Frank curious, and once Eddie starts crying Frank leaves the bar to stay with Sheila.

With the money he had gotten from Sheila, Frank goes to the Alibi, where he is found by Fiona, who tells him that he has to find Aunt Ginger or the social security checks from her will no longer be forwarded to him.

Kev comes to work early to talk about Kacey, the boy Debbie had kidnapped. He pours a beer and says he's feeling nostalgic, because he's seen a little boy in a Superman costume walking down the street. This causes Jess to call the cops and give them a hint. Carol Fisher comes in to go out for a drink with her friends when she overhears Frank yelling that Kevin's planning to propose to Veronica, so the girls who flirt with him stop. Meanwhile Frank sits at the bar next to Eddie, hearing the girls squealing and getting drunk and he cannot get the picture of Karen out of his head. He gets quite uncomfortable and starts talking about Sheila and how hard to please she is, in a sexual way. Once the word is out that Kevin plans to propose a huge party starts at the Alibi. Later, when both Carol and Kevin are drunk, she talks about how much Veronica loves him. Carol passes out and Kevin pours himself another drink.

Fiona comes over to confront Kev about his marital status and the fact that Veronica still does not know about it. He is afraid and does not want to hurt her, but Fiona thinks the truth is the best. Meanwhile, Frank talks about how he is scared of having testicular cancer. Veronica comes over as well and talks about wedding and future plans, when Kevin tells her the truth. The following day Frank sits at the bar and talks about the fact that he could die any second and that is why he is wearing a tie to look good just in case he dies. He eventually says he might as well kill himself, but there are so many things that he still wants to do, even though he does not know what things. His speech gets interrupted by one of Kev's friends entering the bar with costumes for the bachelor party. At the words bachelor party Frank walks up to them and basically invites himself. Later that night Kevin's bachelor party is held at The Alibi Room. The following day Kevin's and Veronica's fake wedding is held there. So is the after party. Before Steve comes over with the cake Carol gives the couple the money from Veronica's father. It is 500 dollars and they go crazy over it. The episode closes with a family photo of the Gallagher's, Kevin and Veronica and her mother. Lip is missing, because he is having sex with Karen in the bathroom.

Fiona comes to the bar to tell Frank that two men are looking for him, because he owes them money. He tells her that he had no idea what was going to happen, but she does not listen and tells him to go to parents' night for Carl and not to run away from his problems. He does not agree with the school saying that Carl  misbehaves, and decides not to go, after ranting about the anti-made state of mind. Just as he is done saying he is not afraid of anyone the two men barge into the bar and he runs off. Fiona is worried about what to do with Carl, since the school wants a real parent. Kevin tries to cheer her up.

The two men want their money so they dunk Frank's head in the toilet and give him one day to get  what they ask for. Later, Frank sits at the bar and tries to think of ways to come up with the money when Fiona enters the place and confronts him about him signing up for credit cards under the names of his children. He blames the government and economy for their debt. The TV that was bought with the credit cards is at the bar. The following day the two men who had been looking for Frank are back at the bar where Kevin tells them that Frank has passed away. When they do not believe him they leave to go over to the Gallagher house to see if Kevin was telling the truth. There is a service for Frank's faked death at the bar. The men decide to leave after Kevin has given a speech and as soon as the door is closed behind them a party starts as Frank appears from the back of the bar. By the end of the night Frank starts singing on a table and eventually falls over, the TV falling with him.

Frank returns to The Alibi Room after he was offered $3,000 for being sober for two weeks. He loudly announces that he is a sober man. Nobody is impressed and Jess gives him his drinks immediately. He refuses to drink though and asks for everyone to support him by not drinking, but everybody just laughs so he leaves.

When Frank enters The Alibi Room Kevin tells him that Sheila has called and is making him dinner. Frank starts complaining about Jasper, who checks on Frank concerning the disability checks. Then he says Monica is his soulmate. Frank returns to the bar and wants to celebrate screwing over Jasper, by making him believe he broke Carl's arm. He gets surprised by his kids showing up, telling him that Liam is his son. He promises that they would not lose Liam, because Monica is a horrible mother. Lip loses it and hits Frank, before leaving the bar. Fiona tells him that if he gives up Liam's parental rights he will be all alone.

After hanging out with her new friend Jasmine Hollander, she and Fiona go to grab a few drinks and play pool at the Alibi. Jasmine pays and they talk about their lives. She kisses Fiona on the mouth before leaving, which weirds her out.

Frank goes to the bar after having had sex with Karen and asks Kevin if he knows the age of consent in Illinois. Hours later after Lip and Ian got released already from prison Frank is still at the bar, drinking. He starts talking about how girls show off their skin to get laid by older men. After finding out about Frank and his daughter, Eddie goes to the bar looking for him and telling Kev if he sees him to tell him he is a dead man. Frank was hididng under the bar.

Season Two

Eddie is still missing and Frank sits at the bar, complaining that his checks have stopped coming and that he does not know how to live with only his and Sheila's checks. Meanwhile, a man in the back of the bar tells a story of how he got tazered and fought with cops afterwards. Frank does not believe him and bets $10,000 that it does not work. The man manages not to fall over and demands Frank's money. Stan Kopchek, the owner of the bar, is getting more and more senile, but Kevin refuses to send him to a home. Stan is angry, because the electricity bill is so high. He wants to do deal with it himself, but Kevin stops him. Kevin has started growning marijuana in the basement of the bar. That is why the electricity bill is so high.

Frank goes to The Alibi Room to complain about his life and that Sheila leaves the house now. He is afraid that she will come to the Alibi and find out about his actual life. Then the conversation comes up about Butterface and that she is very sick. 

Stan is getting worse and Kevin is thinking about buying the bar so once Stan dies he will not have to worry about his job. Frank gives Kermit an advice to not cheat on his girlfriend, Cynthia. He says he does not cheat on her, but is just friends with Butterface. After he rejected Butterface's heart transplant he goes to the bar and complains about the fact that people get transplants. The following day Kevin throws a Beach Party at the Alibi to prove that he can buy and run the bar. Frank comes back from Butterface and gives Jody the ring back. He and Karen get engaged.

Lip brings Jody over to the bar to find some dirt on him, but there is literally nothing to find. When Frank comes over later he steals Stan's gun to scare Sheila. The gun backfired since he did not listen to Mickey's advice to buy specific amunition. When he returns to the bar he is wearing an eyepatch and begs everyone to not tell Sheila about how he really is.

When Frank finds out about Eddie's death he goes to celebrate at the bar, because his life insurance will kick in soon. Kev tells him that the police thinks it might have been murder and they might think it was Frank. When nobody wanted to help Frank get an alibi his last resort is Terry Milkovich. He wans $1,500 for it and Frank agrees.

Frank is trying to find someone to handle Sheila's money when he is surprised by his mother who just got out of prison. She asks him to drive her to a partner in crime, but Frank does not have a car so they borrow Kevin's.

Frank and his mother come home from the Indian Casino and they want to celebrate. Frank has not won anything. A little later, Stan comes downstairs half naked and wants to play baseball. The following day Frank tries to convince Kevin that it is best if his mother stays with him. Fiona comes in as well and agrees with Frank. His mother has to go.

Frank goes to the bar to drink a Bloody Mary since it reminds him of his mother who might die soon. She drank it every Sunday. Just as he had left to the bathroom Mickey Milkovich and his brothers come in and ask for Frank, but Kevin tricks them and they leave.

Frank and Monica come over to the bar to celebrate their rekindled love. 

Ian and Mandy have their fundraiser for Mandy's abortion at the Alibi Room. Terry comes over, too. Debbie has cheated people into coming by telling them fake reasons for the fundraiser.

Frank drowns his sorrows, because of Monica's suicide attempt in alcohol, instead of being at the hospital.

The following day Frank sits at the bar and talks about how they treat people in mental hospitals, but the other people tell him he is talking bullshit. Tommy's son works at the hospital so Frank asks for his contact information.

Season Three

Frank is at the bar and brags about being the best drug mule in all of Mexico. Suddenly a woman comes in and tells him that a girl with a baby is waiting for him outside. When he leaves the bar he sees that it is Debbie. Angry with his children Frank calls child protective services and reports them. He then gets kicked out after closing hour.

While Frank is babysitting Heimi he gives him a taste of his alcohol at the bar. Afterwards he sees a report on the Make-a-Wish-Foundation on TV and gets an idea. When Kevin is at the bar with his wife they talk about the times they had together.

Frank and Jody are at the bar together and talk about Sheila's needs to have sex and that Jody does not want to relapse. Lloyd meets up with Jimmy at the bar to talk about the divorce of him and Candace

Jimmy goes to the bar to cry about his father being gay, when Frank comes in and tells people his mother has buried money in the front yard which is a lie, because he just wants them to find his aunt's bones.

Frank goes over to find someone who takes him somewhere so the cops do not find him when they find his aunts bones, not knowing that Fiona has already found them. He sleeps at the bar and gets surprised by Kevin and Veronica when they find him. Just as he drinks his first beer Fiona comes over and tries to convince him to get the kids back.

Lip, Ian, and Fiona forge a will and other documents so Fiona can get custody over the kids. 

Frank tells everyone about his new roommate Chris and how he lets him live there rentfree. The guys think that Chris might be a killer, which freaks frank out so much that he does not return to Chris' place. When Frank comes to the bar after coming out the people tease him so much that he leaves.

Frank uses the bar to hide from his new bosses who want him to represent the gay rights and a man from a conversion therapy finds him eventually. 

After the gays fired him he goes back to the bar. He has no place to stay. Lip comes in to celebrate his graduation and ends up getting drunk with Frank.

Season Four

Mickey is at the bar, complaining about how his wife does not make enough money at her work and thinks prostitutes should unite and get a better pay. He asks about Ian, but no one has heard from him. Kevin receives a phone call that says Stan is not doing well. 

Stan died in the retirement home and now his will is read in The Alibi Room. Kevin gets the bar, because Stan hates his daughter who is a man now. He and Kevin make a deal and Kevin sends him a fixed amount of money every month to make up the insults from Stan. After cleaning up Stan's ashes, Veronica asks Kevin to say something about him. When he is all happy that he is going to have the bar Kate comes in and tells him that the bar is in debt.

Kevin and Veronica need to make money for the babies so they charge money for the bathroom and water now. Veronica also sells her drugs for $5 per pill. Meanwhile, Mickey is drunk and does not really realize what is going on around him. He just talks about how much he likes ginger people. Kevin points at a woman in the bar, who is ginger, and tell shim to buy her a drink. Mickey says he does not have to do that and straight out asks her if she wants to have sex. They vanish in the bathroom and Mickey takes her from behind. When she comes she asks Mickey if he needs to finish. He just asks her to slam her hip bones against his ass because he misses Ian.

After Mickey set Svetlana and the other prostitutes free he brings them to the bar. This gives Kevin the idea that he could hire illegals as well. Lip plans to drop out of college, but Kevin talks to him and explains that he needs to finish college.

Mickey asks Kevin to open up a rub'n'tug at the bar. Ater talking to Veronica Kevin agrees.