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Tami Tamietti is a main character of U.S. Shameless. She first appears in the middle of season 9 and becomes a romantic partner to Lip, and by the end of the season, becomes pregnant with his child. She works as a hairstylist and hairdresser. In Season 10, she gives birth to a son named Freddie Gallagher and lives with Lip.


Season 9

During Are You There Shim? It's me, Ian, Tami attends the wedding of her sister Cami and Brad, she talks with Brad's best man Lip for a good while. She invites him to a hook-up with her but she ends up puking on him. At Brad's suggestion, Lip asks Tami out but she turns him down while deriding his skills in bed and sends the insulted latter off while mockingly calling him "Jabby" for his 'Jab-like motions.'

In Down Like the Titanic, Tami shows up drunk at the christening of her nephew Miles, while Lip and Jason (a boy that he is sponsoring) informs Jason of their encounter. Cami is annoyed at Tami showing up late while she states it was because of parking, before she takes note of Lip and is amused to see him again. She harasses Lip later about her latest sexual exploits, even jokingly offering another chance but he rebuffs her and she asks about Xan. Lip then reveals Xan went back to her mother while he is sponsoring Jason who says the same went for his child. Wanting out of the depressing scene, she spends time with her nieces and nephews by giving cigarettes to them. After Lip sees Jason off, Tami meets him again and they share a smoke before she decides to take him up on his previous date offer since she was bored. The two go for tacos and talk about having harsh lives with their families, until she offers him the chance to redeem himself in sex and he takes her up on it. They have sex in her car and Tami rates him as better than before but critiques him as not enough (being 6 out of 10), this causes him to tell her they will try again until she admits that she is wrong about him. She is amused by this attitude and they continue the encounter. Very soon, Lip redeems himself and he offers Tami another chance at a date and she accepts it. It seems Tami took a liking to him, as she brings him in for a passionate kiss and they part with another joke.

As seen in The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Alibi, Tami and Lip are still seeing each other but are not serious yet. Tami tries to persuade him to get an apartment, while he asks her to move in with him. She sees the life at the Gallagher Household, where the house is dilapidated and how he is with his siblings. Tami decides to help them move from their way of life. At the end, she spends the night with Lip and watches as his drunk sister Fiona is brought home and asks if she does that a lot.

In BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!, she and her family pay tribute to her mother by walking in support of fighting cancer. Tami invites Lip and he meets her other sister Cory who makes advances on him, despite arguing with Tami on this. Tami is also reunited with her ex-fiancé Boon who still has feelings for her. Tami is also not impressed by Cory flirting with Boon to as her sister tells her that she can't have everyone. Later, Tami visits Lip and he questions her on her former fiancé and they argue for a while until she leaves. At her home, Tami is visited by Lip and informed he slept with her sister but she shows no reaction and he questions this. Tami gives her reasons, stating they were just sleeping around, like she's doing with her ex-fiancé. As Lip sits down, Tami decides to open up and reveal that it does bother her. They decide to put in the effort of starting a relationship while promising to not sleep with Cory or Boone again.

As of Los Diablos,Tami and Lip are still seeing each other and they seem to really putting in the effort. While returning home, Lip and Tami find Xan who had returned after her mother ditched her once again and she had nowhere to go. Tami shows concern for the girl when learning of her ordeal with truckers when her mother left.

During The Hobo Games, Tami develops a flaky behavior and doesn't answer his calls. Later on, she is with her friends before Lip catches up to Tami and ask her what's up with her recent behavior, as she reveals herself to be pregnant. Lip is shocked and questions if it is his as she confirms she's carrying Lip’s child, since she forced Boone into wearing condoms.

In You'll Know Bottom When You Hit It, Tami's sisters confront Lip on his acts with her but he explains that he didn't do anything and reveals her odd behavior towards him. Lip later confronts Tami on this and they talk with her revealing she is unsure of whether to have her child and he tells her they could discuss it.

As of Lost, Lip meets with her and tells her that her father showed up to ask about his plans for the baby, and tried to "decide" that Tammi is having the baby and it's not up for discussion. Tami is annoyed her father did so and once more rants about others controlling her life. Tami then reveals her sisters are cancer free but she is unsure of hers, which is why she isn't sure about having the baby for health reasons. Lip assures her and she goes for the results and is still nervous. After going to the doctor, she is worried about the results and offers sex to calm her nerves and he complies.

During Found, Tami continues to see Lip and reach an understanding. They go to his house where she watches as his father is bathed by a male nurse and comments on it. After Fiona told Lip that she is leaving and he asks his sister to stay for a party to say goodbye, Tami runs up to tell Lip about the nurse situation. She realizes that she ruined their moment but Fiona tells her to take care of her brother and smiles. Tami helps Lip gather party items though they see Fiona already left but they party anyway.

Season 10

In We Few, We Lucky Few, We Band of Gallaghers!, Tami is still seeing Lip and is heavily pregnant. She is now more loving to Lip and they appear happy but both Brad and Debbie warn Lip it won't last long. While at work, her water breaks and she goes to the hospital where she goes into labor. She is forced to have a C-section but gives birth to a son. However, the stress puts her in rare unresponsive condition as she is forced to stay overtime.

During Which America?, Tami is recovering from the birth and is visited by Lip. She is happy to see him but tells him that she is not fine because of her treatment. However, Lip tells her that he has a surprise for her and introduces Tami to their son Freddie Gallagher. Although put off by the name, she is nonetheless pleased to see her child and cries, as she calls him beautiful. She is unable to hold him because of her pain and comments she wishes he didn’t see her like this.

During A Little Gallagher Goes A Long Way, Tami has been discharged from the hospital and goes to the Gallagher Household. Tami finds the family having a party and is surprised by the situation. Lip surprised to see her again and they hug before she mistakes his new friends baby as Fred. However Debbie introduces her to the real Fred and she finally holds him, pleased by this.

In Sparky, she is looking for diapers when Lip calls. Annoyed at his call, she hangs up on him. She then changes Fred's diaper in the kitchen to the dismay of everyone else. Later when Ian returns home from prison, she asks to do introductions later and apologizes before taking Fred to the bathroom.

When Fred won't latch, she calls her sister Cami at the bike shop. She tells her sister that Fred must be gay since she has never had a man not like her breasts before. When she tells Cami that Fred hasn't eaten since breakbeats, Lip overhears and talks to her, to which she hangs up on him again. While trying to calm Fred down, Lip's friend Sarah visits to try and help. After denying help, Sarah is about to leave when Tami asks for help getting Fred to latch. After Sarah gets Fred to latch, the two women talk about motherhood. When Tami asks why she decided to help, Sarah replies because Lip asked her to, which causes Tami to worry.

She then kicks Lip out of the room when he returns home from work, telling him she didn't want the help he sent earlier. Later, when she tries to change her surgery bandages, Lip walks in and offers to help. When he apologies for sending Sarah over, she tells him she just wants Fred to like her. She worries about Fred connecting more with Sarah since she was in the hospital. Lip tells her it takes time for Fred to bond with her, which she asks if he bonded with Frank yet. She admits she doesn't want to die of cancer, like her mom, and leave her child motherless. They both then head downstairs to Ian's party.

In Adios Gringos, Tami agrees to go to Lip's mommy group. She notices Lip introduce her as only "Fred's mom" and that Sarah squeezes his arm before he leaves. When she arrives home, Lip asks her how group when. Tami responds with "Fine." and proceeds to asks about him sleeping with Sarah. Lip tells her Sarah is only a friend, but Tami tells him about the arm squeeze. She tells him he doesn't have to protect her and they can just co-parent. When she tries to calm Fred down, Lip gives her tips to help, to which Tami hands Fred over and goes upstairs.

She later is ranting to Anne's Abuela in the kitchen. She talks about the hospital and the arm squeeze. She calls Lip arrogant and decides to go out and find a guy to sleep with.

That night, when Lip tires to talk with Tami, she says she can't and is dressed up to meet Dakota and some friends for drinks. When Tami mentions other guys Lip tries to ask more questions. Tami then states he's asking a lot of questions for someone who just a co-parent. She tells him that he can have a play date with Sarah or something. When she returns home, she stays in the bathroom until Lip asks if she's ok. When she comes out, it looks like she was crying. Lip asks if they can talk and asks what's wrong. When someone nudges past her, she yells that the house is always crawling with relatives or convicts. She tells Lip that she can't breath in his house and that she needs space.

The next day, she is on her phone in bed when Lip texts her to come outside. Tami goes to the back and finds that Lip bought an RV for them. She is shocked and decides they are living in an RV. When Lip states they need rules in case she brings guys home but Tami tells him there won't be any socks on doors. She tells him she struck out at the bar and to make Lip jealous. She tells him she still really likes him. When Lip asks what they are, she tells him she agreed to live in an RV with him, so they are together.

During "Gallavich!", she attends Ian and Mickey's wedding, while still hostile to Lip. After the ceremony, she and Lip argue over the care of their son before she attends to him when he starts to cry. When Lip shows up at Brad's house, drunk after having relapsed at the wedding, she sees him and looks shocked and upset to see he relapsed due to their fight. At the end, Tami meets Lip at the house he rented and after critiquing it, she helps him and they joke on the situation.

Season 11

As of This Is Chicago!, Tami and Lip have taken to rebuilding their house in six months that have passed. Their relationship is still strong and she is going back to work to do hair. While she is still upset about his work is taking a long she’s nevertheless happy to have a family. At the end of the episode, she and Lip have a party with their friends and family attending.

In Go Home, Gentrifier!, she and Lip are the victims of vandals where the house is trashed in the to complain about having to do extra work. Later on it turns out the house was destroyed by neighbors warp said that they will be forced out of their homes because of how nice Tami and Lip are doing their house. To go around this rule, they keep the outside of the house looking terrible we’re only focusing on renovating the inside.

During NIMBY, Tami and Lip take Freddy out for a walk in the stroller before she bumped into her old teacher Marcos who invites her to lunch. At lunch, it is implied that Marcos was attracted to Tami or a relationship went on, something Lip observes from the talks and he sarcastically offers to see Marcos again. Much later, Lip confronts her on this and she confesses to it but states it was consensual. She later gets the house ready for Marcos after he accepted the invitation from Lip. She thinks nothing of him coming over with company until she sees his fiancé is actually a young teenage girl, who is only shy away from finishing high school. She is further dismayed to learn that the young girl experience the same emotion she did when she first got with Marcos. After they leave, she talks with Lip about the whole ordeal and after going over her time with Marcos does she finally understand that he took advantage of her and she was just a victim in his eyes. Lip assured her that while she may have been troubled in the past she did right by picking him and she accepts his words with a smile.

Episode Appearances



  • She mentions several sexual encounters even some at camp and school.
  • She initially gave Lip a 6 out of 10 but later 9.5 in his skill in their second sexual encounter.
  • According to her, the women in her family die of ovarian cancer at age 50 so she believes that she has twenty five years left to live.
  • Tami once stated that she is the middle child of her sister.
  • She has Acrophobia, a fear of heights.
  • In spite of not having good standing with her sisters, they are willing to defend her when necessary.
  • Tami initially wanted Freddie's name to be Gabriel but Lip revealed she agreed to Freddie while she was high on pain medication.
  • Her family are old school Catholics.
  • Lip considers her to be the least crazy out of all his sexual partners.
  • She mentions in season 11 that she once had COVID-19 and has recovered from it off-screen.
  • She was unknowingly the victim of her pedophilic high school teacher Marcos. After the death of her mother, her father shifted more attention to her younger sister and she became vulnerable to the advantages of Marcos.
    • She did not realize this until Lip brought it to her attention and when she saw that her former teacher is now involved with a new girl about the same age as she was when they were together and use the same methods.
  • It is never revealed whether she was pregnant a second time by Lip.