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I noticed someone changed the page to show Mandy's full name as Amanda Maguire. Although Mandy is usually a shortened version of Amanda these days alot of people are actually named the shortened version and as it's never been stated that Mandy is short for Amanda and her gravestone (->) says just "Mandy Maguire" it's safe to assume she isn't actually named Amanda. Remember, never guess, even if it's right it's always better to wait for proof that to turn out wrong :) if your unsure, just ask on the talk page of an article first ;) -- Lyco499 (talk) 05:36, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Well if I'm not mistaken, I think it's mentioned once in the show that her full name is Amanda (don't remember which episode though).

And according to and her full name is Amanda Maguire, called Mandy. And it also says on imdb and wikipedia that Mandy Maguire is born 26th August 1988 and died 5th May 2009.

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I'll keep my ears open as I rewatch the series' she's in. As for IMDB and Wikipedia though, they both get their information added by users and at least part of it is wrong if you read the grave stone in the pic above from the actual show, it says she was born in '86. Wikipedia seems to be very odd for the ages of characters, because they seem to have exact date of births that have never been mentioned. I've often wondered if they add the date of births for the actors who play the characters or something as they even had Letitia Powell down as an 18 year old, which is obviously ludicrous. -- Lyco499 (talk) 18:19, November 29, 2011 (UTC)

Okay, well the producers could have changed the characters ages.. they do it all the time in different shows. They've also done it in Shameless before, look at Billy Tutton, he was 14 when he was with Mimi and left the show, but when he came back the next series he was suddenly 16.

So Mandy could've originally been born 1988, but to make her character older they changed her year of birth to 1986 I guess.

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It may be a bit off but Billy was 14 when he was first in the show, but told Mimi "I'm nearly 15", that was toward the end of Series 7. Series 8 was set a decent amount of time after the end of S7 because the Powell's had been around long enough to be settled, and then toward the end of S8 Billy just turned 16. It does work. But my point isn't the show changing ages, my point is that they never said people were a certain age in the first place. Wikipedia and IMDB just pluck date of births out of the air or go by the actor's. -- Lyco499 (talk) 01:37, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
I've noticed on Wikipedia that they often give the character's birthdates as being the same as the actual airdates of the episodes when they first come out. For example, Frank and Liam are stated as being born on the 26 of January, which happened to be the original airdate of Ep 1 of Series 7. Realistically, the scenes for that episode would have been filmed in late May-early June, so that may as well be closer to the mark. --Fenrir51 (talk) 00:03, September 19, 2012 (UTC)
Ahhh, I never would have realized that they were using air dates. It's an odd choice, but I suppose it works. They really do get the ages wrong sometimes though, both the users adding the info to such sites and the writers. My example above of Wikipedia having Letitia down as 18 being one of the worst. Some consistency would be nice in many areas. Like the confusion surrounding Kelly, her brother Kev and her sister Tonya. Kev mentioned that his father was dead but in a later series Homer Ball visits the estate. Meaning that either they decided to ignore Kev's earlier statement or that Kelly and Tonya are his half sisters, which has never been said. The writers seem to have no problem either ignoring earlier facts or not bothering to remember them. Good thing it's not the type of show where such things are too important lol. -- Lyco499 (talk) 04:55, September 19, 2012 (UTC)
On a related issue, Mandy, who fell pregnant with Katie at age fifteen, was roughly twenty years old by Series six. But her daughter Katie didn't appear to be more than three years of age by that point. She was still sleeping in a cot in one episode where Karen was looking after her (shortly before Joe Pritchard invited himself in her bedroom for some sly sex). If Mandy conceived at fifteen, gave birth at sixteen, would have had a four year old daughter by age twenty. --Fenrir51 (talk) 13:48, September 19, 2012 (UTC)
TV shows are notorious when it comes to the age of children. It's likely they prefered to keep Katie younger than she should have been to make it easier to use her as a prop. She was always just a story element and I'd wager putting her in a crib or holding her like a baby stopped focus from being pulled. You'll often see in TV shows that children stay younger than they should be or suddenly have a growth spurt (like Liam) when they decide they want to use them in stories. Victoria Sugden in Emmerdale is an example that springs to mind, she was played by one girl with red hair for years only to go out of the show for a short while and come back being played by a different, rather older, dark haired girl. And to alleviate some of my embarasment, no I don't watch Emmerdale but I do end up seeing too much of it as everyone around me watches soaps lol. -- Lyco499 (talk) 14:29, September 19, 2012 (UTC)
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