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Svetlana Yevgenivna, formerly known as Svetlana Milkovich or Svetlana Fisher, was a main character of Shameless. She is a Russian prostitute Terry Milkovich hires to rape Mickey after he catches him and Ian together in Cascading Failures. It is later revealed that she is pregnant with what is supposedly Mickey's child, and that he is going to marry her. Svetlana and Mickey divorce while he is in jail and she marries Veronica to avoid deportation. She later marries Rupert, an older, richer man, after the throuple between Kev and V falls apart.

She is also shown living in a massage parlor/brothel with a number of other prostitutes, who appear as bridesmaids at her and Mickey's wedding in Order Room Service.


Season 4

She is living in the Milkovich house. Annoyed at how little money she makes, Mickey makes an ill-conceived attempt to force her employer Sasha to pay her and the other prostitutes more money by orchestrating a strike in Strangers on a Train and There's The Rub. This fails when Sasha simply replaces the women, leaving Mickey stuck with a bunch of angry, unemployed hookers. Terry is scornful when Mickey laments the situation, observing that he was wrong in thinking that Svetlana was worth more than she was already getting paid based on his personal experience, indicating that he has had sex with her himself. When Terry is returned to jail for failing a drug test, and thus violating his probation, tensions between Svetlana and Mickey increase.

Svetlana and the other prostitutes begin working out of the upstairs of the Alibi in Iron City, under much poorer conditions than they had previously been in. By A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin she is very far along in her pregnancy. When Mickey gives Kev a gun after the Alibi gets robbed. Svetlana is skeptical of Kev's knowledge of how to use it, and goes back to bed muttering in Russian. Later, Mickey brings home Ian, who is passed out from drugs, and is watching over him in their bed. Svetlana, having just come out of the shower and wearing nothing but a towel, seems upset that Mickey is looking so lovingly at Ian and barely acknowledges her. She walks away looking like she is going to cry. The next morning in Hope Springs Eternal she threatens Ian with a hammer to make him leave while Mickey is out of the house. Shortly thereafter she gives birth. Mickey refuses to come to the hospital to be with her when Mandy tries to pressure him to do so.

Furious that Mickey has effectively moved into the Gallagher's to be with Ian, and that he had not even told her where he was, she comes to confront him in The Legend of Bonnie & Carl. She is angry that he doesn't seem to even care about the baby and also insists that she needs money for baby supplies. She demands $500 or else she will tell Terry that Mickey has gotten back together with Ian. Mickey and Ian get the money through robbery, and he gives it to her. She demands that he come home, to which he refuses. She uses Terry as a threat again, while Mickey likewise threatens to make her baby an orphan if she keeps it up.

Matters come to a head in Emily. Svetlana has insisted upon a Russian Orthodox baptism for the baby. Terry is to be released from prison that day, and she is more concerned about him being at the ceremony than she is about Mickey. She insists that she and Terry have become very close, to which Mickey groans and asks if she is going to start banging him again right in front of the priest. Terry does not show up for the church ceremony, but Ian does, which greatly annoys her. Later at the after party she taunts Mickey for being submissive towards his father, and threatens again to tell Terry that Mickey is seeing Ian again. She also demands that Ian leave the party. Mickey loses his temper an warns her that her life is as good as it is ever going to get and she should stop trying to mess with him. However, Ian is angry at Mickey as well and declares that he is breaking up with him. Unwilling to lose Ian again, Mickey outs himself to the entire crowd at the party while Svetlana watches with a displeased expression. Terry goes berserk and a brawl ensues between him, Mickey, Ian and Terry's brothers. Terry is arrested for violating his probation not four hours after being released from jail.

In Lazarus, Mickey is now sleeping with Ian back at the Milkovich house since Terry is in jail again. When Mickey gets out of bed to look for cigarettes, Svetlana taunts him from the couch, asking if he is "rainbow boy now" and will "wear pink sweaters and stink of man perfume." Mickey snarkily responds that he looks shitty in pink. He notices that Svetlana has dyed her hair red to match Ian's and asks what she did. She gets up and opens her robe to reveal her bare breasts, and a large strap-on that she is wearing. She asks if he wants her to "stick it in your poop place". Mickey is disgusted and asks her to take it off. Svetlana gives a lengthy speech about "choice", implying that Mickey chooses to be gay. She says that one of the other prostitutes, Nika, wants to service her. A stunned Mickey asks if she is a lesbian, to which she teasingly replies "Maybe yes, maybe no. Choice." She does insist that Mickey take a more active role in helping with the baby, and that Nika move into the house since it is now clear that Mickey has no intention of being a real husband to her. He acquiesces, especially as Ian is now showing signs of severe bipolar disorder and won't get out of bed. When the Gallagher's come over to check on him, she mostly stays quiet, but does show some kind attention to Liam, who appears to like her.

Season 5

Svetlana is still living in the Milkovich house, and seems to have a much improved relationship with both Mickey and Ian. The three live as a family, helping with raising Yevgeny, chipping in for the house’s finances and helping around with chores. Svetlana seems to be particularly close to Ian, who acts as the other primary caretaker for her baby. Mandy and Nika also live in the house at the beginning of the season.

Upon Mickey's founding his own sham moving company and Kevin's becoming increasingly consumed by fatherhood, Svetlana seems to have assumed the role of the rub and tug's manager until it’s raided by the police and forced to be closed down. She’s also pregnant a second time, having been hired as a surrogate for a couple who believes her to be an out-of-work kindergarten teacher.

She strikes up an unlikely friendship with Kevin and the two bond over their children. When Kevin reveals that he’s concerned that Veronica has given up breastfeeding due to the babies' biting her, Svetlana offers to nurse the twins, which Veronica is not happy about. Regardless, this gives Veronica the idea to use the unused upstairs space above the Alibi to mount a "breast milk sweatshop", and then sell the milk online for a huge profit. Svetlana also befriends Debbie, gives her a new haircut and a makeover and teaches her some seduction tricks for her to try on boys.

When Ian starts stealing unclaimed luggage from the airport, Svetlana is at first amused but quickly grows concerned when Ian’s mania gets out of hand. After Ian steals Yevgeny and takes him for a road trip, she tells Mickey she's going to call the police on Ian if Mickey doesn’t get him to return Yevgeny to her, to which Mickey says the police won’t believe her, due to her being an illegal immigrant and a prostitute. Svetlana goes into labor while they’re having this argument. In hospital, while the baby’s mother is in the birthing room with Svetlana, Nika seduces the father and charges him for sex.

After Yevgeny is returned and Ian is institutionalized, Svetlana demands that Ian move out, which Mickey refuses, resulting in her leaving the house with Yevgeny. She then moves into Kevin’s place right after Veronica moves out, promising to pay for board by doing housework and babysitting the twins. Later, Kevin finds out that the deal he struck with Svetlana apparently also includes her occasionally performing sexual favors for him, which he is reluctant to accept. Later, Svetlana also performs oral sex on Veronica with the same justification. The two then have a heart-to-heart talk about motherhood and Kevin and Veronica's marriage.

Season 6

In the season premiere episode 'I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing', Svetlana pays Ian $50 to visit Mickey in jail (who is serving 8 years for the attempted murder of Sammi Slott). Svetlana was about to leave to be deported because Kevin opened up to a stranger at his bar who turned out to be an immigration officer. When Kevin and Veronica find out she's leaving, they realize they need her. Kevin said he'd marry her if he wasn't already legally married. Svetlana divorces Mickey and Veronica voluntarily marries Svetlana behind Kevin's back because he wasn't a huge fan of the idea of Veronica's being married to someone else other than him. A few days later Svetlana goes down on Veronica and then purposely has sex the next day at the bar. Veronica feels bad and ends up confessing to Kevin what happened, and suggests that they all sleep together. After processing the information, they do.

After Fiona's wedding to Sean (which is dismantled before it starts due to Frank's vindictiveness) Svetlana joins Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kevin, Veronica, and Caleb in taking revenge on Frank by kidnapping him, driving him to a bridge over the freezing Chicago river, and dumping him in.

Season 7

Eventually in Hiraeth, Svetlana and Veronica's marriage is shown to be good, as they along with Kev regularly indulge in threesomes and run the Alibi smoothly. Svetlana soon witnesses Frank's return and is greatly shocked to see he survived the fall. She nervously serves him his drink, since he is now in a wheelchair until he recovers and hears him reveal that he was only in a coma for a month once pulled out the river and has no memory of the events that led to it. She is then scared after Frank remembers her and the others helping in throwing him off a bridge and curses them for their deed. She watches him leave out the bar furious and vengeful.

In Swipe, Fuck, Leave, she seduces V and Kev into adopting one another's children to seal their relationship, and Lana's father returns.

During Home Sweet Homeless Shelter, she does a few scams to help her new family finance things. She is later surprised to see Frank opened a homeless shelter on their block and sends them away since they have shown him how they felt with their actions.

After trust issues, it's revealed the man is her husband. When her husband gets violent, Svetlana has Kev and Veronica leave the house while she takes care of the matter. It is presumed she killed him as she was covered in blood and doesn't reveal what happened to him.

In You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?, she took to being bartender and was annoyed by Frank using her attempt to kill him as leverage to get a free drink on his tab. Much later, she tells a pants less Frank his tab ran out and watches as Frank pays it and asks for a drink without protest after hitting his lowest point. She is confused by this but doesn't question this change. After Kev arrives and announces free beer to those who help, she is surprised by this decision. When V tells him that their kids are with Lana’s aunt, Kev intimidates V into getting them away.

During Ouroboros, she attends a couples meeting Kev has enough of her manipulations and secrets as she sees he is serious. When Frank's estranged wife Monica Gallagher and is surprised to learn the Gallagher children have a mother. Very soon, Veronica also discovers her fetish for being dominated was tied to Svetlana, she soon sees Kev's point in the manipulations. The two also discover their adoption papers were Alibi ownership papers, making Lana the owner and disrupting their trust. Lana claims Kevin's business practices are poor (a fact built up over the seasons as Kevin often gives beer away free or discounted) and she can turn a profit. Despite this, she regularly tries to have threesomes with them but they still feel betrayed.

Veronica later confronts Svetlana who refuses her demands of returning the bar until Veronica attacks her and they fight. Even though Veronica won, Lana didn't give in and V has her arrested and nearly deported along with her help. In retaliation for her deceit, V throws Lana's things out and burns them.

Later on, V called immigration services and has Lana arrested for her actions.

Season 8

V confronts Lana who refuses her demands of returning the bar until V attacks her and they fight. Even though V won, Lana didn't give in and V has her arrested and nearly deported along with her help.

While imprisoned, Lana tries to have her lawyer seize the bar but V realized they still need her and visits Lana with the latter's son. V tells Lana that she will talk to the board and say that their marriage was legal to have her released if she gives her the bar back. Lana initially tries to refuse but V makes her consider her son if she isn't around. This causes Lana to agree to teach V how to run the numbers of the bar and agrees to terms of bar ownership. She asks if they could have threesomes again but is refused.

In the midst of the season, Kev and V decide to set her up to marry a new man. They have no luck at first, though they help Svetlana with tips of properly courting men with no sexual advances.

In Sleepwalking, she marries a senile old man in place of her nemesis. The man's son is confused by the switch but does not protest. She moves out of Kev and V's house and takes her son to live with her and her new husband.

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  • Svetlana’s father sold her into prostitution for $300. Still, she insists he had some undefined good qualities.
  • She named her son after her father and typically uses the Russian pronunciation of his name (Evgeni)
  • Svetlana is bisexual, as she engages in sexual affairs with men and women, but does not explicitly label her sexuality.
  • It isn't made clear whether Mickey is Yevgeny's biological father or not, as it could have been another one of her clients.
    • It is also possible that Terry Milkovich is the father of the child, due to also sleeping with Svetlana and the fact that Yevgeny has blonde hair.