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Summertime is the first episode of the second season of Shameless.


After losing a bet, Frank uses baby Liam to help him pay a debt; Fiona thoroughly enjoys her youth as a bartender at a local club; Veronica discovers that Kevin and Ethel have secretly been growing marijuana.


The second season premiere takes place in the summer. At the Jackson house, Sheila has been making significant progress in overcoming her agoraphobia. Karen tells Frank that she’s happy for Sheila’s progress, as she’ll eventually be able to walk to the Alibi Room and find out how much of a scumbag Frank really is. Frank discovers that Karen is in a relationship with an older man named Jody, whom she met at Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Fiona is enjoying her summer bartending job with Veronica at a local club. Jasmine introduces Fiona to her “friend” David, whom Veronica believes Jasmine is having an affair with. While bartending, Fiona is wooed by Adam, a wealthy banker. After partying overnight with Jasmine and David, Fiona and Adam end up having sex at the beach. Veronica later tells Fiona that Adam is just a second rate version of Steve, though Fiona dismisses this.

At the Alibi Room, Frank overhears a man named Baby bragging about how he’s been tased twice. Frank believes that Baby is lying and bets $10,000. In response, Baby gets Kevin to taser him twice in the chest; Kevin successfully does so, and Frank loses the bet. Forced to find a way to muster up $10,000, Frank tries to steal from Sheila. However, Karen has already hid Sheila’s rainy day fund and ATM card. Frank ends up taking Liam from Debbie or Carl, who are running an at-home babysitting service, and uses Liam to win sympathy panhandling. Baby ends up capturing Frank and kidnaps Liam as collateral for the $10,000.

Ian continues to work at the Kash and Grab: Linda, now pregnant, has preeclampsia, while Kash is pursuing an affair with a Muslim man. Tired of being stuck in a loveless marriage, Kash packs his bags and reveals to Ian that he is running away with his lover. Unable to convince Kash to stay, Ian is forced to reveal the news to Linda. Meanwhile, Lip and Kevin are running a side business, selling marijuana and alcohol from an ice cream truck. Karen visits the truck, and Lip brings up her relationship with Jody; Karen agrees that she and Lip can still have casual sex.

Kevin is informed by an angry Stan, the elderly owner of the Alibi Room, about the bar’s high electric bill. Kevin reveals to Lip that he and Ethel have secretly been growing marijuana in the Alibi’s basement without Veronica’s knowledge. Veronica eventually discovers the marijuana-growing business when Kevin moves some of the marijuana plants inside the house. Wanting to avoid jail time, Veronica orders Kevin to destroy all the plants at the Alibi Room.

At the Gallagher house, Lip discovers a brochure for West Point in Ian’s backpack. Lip confronts Ian about the brochure; Ian reveals that he was trying to see what it would take to get in. Though Lip isn’t happy about Ian’s decision, he agrees to help Ian with his grades for the application. Meanwhile, Fiona returns home and discovers that Frank has not returned Liam. When Frank reveals that Liam is still with Baby’s crew, Fiona and the rest of the family confront Baby at his apartment and retrieve Liam.

The next day, Kevin and Veronica bag all of the marijuana plants, planning to destroy it; Kevin secretly saves a few of the plants and buries them in the garden. Fiona gives a marijuana plant to Baby to pay off the rest of Frank’s debt. Fiona and Debbie visit a local running track; Fiona had previously revealed to Adam that she used to run track in high school. The episode concludes with Fiona sprinting down the track as Debbie watches.

Post-Credit Scene

The whole neighbourhood – including the Gallaghers, Veronica, Karen, Jody, Ethel and Mandy – watch as Lip and Kevin dump the marijuana plants in a big pile. Kevin lights the pile of marijuana plants on fire and the whole neighbourhood cheers.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • James Wolk - Adam
  • Marcus Brown - Pub Patron
  • Jack Carter - Stan
  • Kerry O'Malley - Kate
  • Sammy A. Publes - Lt. Ruiz
  • Sue Gisser - Nikki
  • Casey Biggs - David
  • Christian Monzon - DJ Zafon
  • Zakiah Garcia - 1st Park Kid
  • Edgar Aslanyan - 2nd Park Kid
  • Presley A. Aronson - 3rd Park Kid
  • Hector Duran - Cigarettes Boy
  • Blake Burleson - Tough Kid
  • John Antonini - Young Banker
  • Thomas F. Evans - Johnny
  • Robert Gallo - Hugo
  • Tamara Fernandez - Le Club Lady
  • Donovon Epison - Corner Drug Dealer


  • Samuel Meadows - Bonfire Partier
  • Rachel Rodewald - Kid in Line for the Movies