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Sue Fisher (previously Garland) was the legal wife of Craig Garland, and later became the girlfriend of Marty Fisher. She left the Chatsworth Estate with Marty in Series 4 while pregnant, the couple also took with them the Romanian baby that Marty's sister Veronica and her boyfriend Kevin Ball were jailed for buying. Marty managed to smuggle the baby home and after some minor police involvement and convincing of Sue, the couple left for a new life to raise the baby as their own along with the baby Sue was carrying. It was revealed in Series 8 that Sue and Marty married and moved to Spain after leaving but Sue eventually left Marty for a Spanish man before allegedly dying with her two children in a house fire. This later turned out to be false when Marty received a letter from his son, asking when he was coming home.


Sue had been Craig Garland's wife for eight years when she met the Gallagher Family. Her relationship with Craig was non-existent but she clung to the remains of her marriage purely for the half of Craig's house that it entitled her.

She started a relationship with Marty Fisher in an attempt to make Craig jealous and cause trouble in his new relationship with Fiona Gallagher, she demonstrated on several occasions that despite what she told others she still had feelings for her husband. When she found out that Fiona was pregnant with Craig's baby she was distraught and fled the house in tears, realizing for the first time that Craig had moved on and fearing impending loneliness.

She treated Marty badly early on in their relationship, seeing him as nothing but a pawn in her mission to annoy Craig. In Series 3, when hiding from Marty at Craig's house she made a pass at Craig only to be immediately rejected and humiliated by him.


When she did begin to make peace with the end of her marriage she started to see Marty's kindness and affection for her, and give him a chance. The couple soon began a serious relationship and while Sue was still selfish at times, love bloomed, to the annoyance of Marty's mother Carol.

Debbie was also annoyed by Sue, mainly because Sue had moved in with Marty but was adamant she hadn't. She also refused to find work or pay her way at the house, leaning on Marty for money. Debbie, who was very close to Marty, saw him being taken advantage of and made her feelings known. She eventually wore away at Sue enough that she admitted to living at the house and agreed to pay her way.

It was later revealed that Sue was addicted to shopping, and in considerable debt that was growing all the time. When confronted over this fact she stated that it didn't matter, as she would be getting her half of the money from the sale of Craig's house very soon. But Craig revealed that Sue had already received the money, spent it and still had huge debts.

Showing his love for her, Marty signed into a loan agreement and though she panicked and ran out on him, she returned when she realized her true feelings. In a rare show of compassion, Carol was the one to fix things between the couple financially. She revealed that her house had been rebuilt after Marty burned it down but she didn't want to live alone. She found out that Marty and Sue could cancel their loan agreement within 28 days of signing it and made Sue an offer; she would put her house down as collateral if she could stay living with the couple and Sue stayed with Marty for 5 years. Sue agreed to this and was happy to learn that while her credit rating was non existent at the time, after the loan it would be normal and until then Marty could have a credit card.


At the beginning of Series 4 Sue was cornered by Carol and Yvonne Karib when Kev, Veronica and Marty were week's late from returning from an apparent alcohol run abroad. Kev and Veronica had borrowed money from Yvonne, Lillian and Jez under the pretense of buying duty free alcohol but the infertile couple had in fact gone to Romania to buy a baby!

A combination of the TV News and Marty's eventual return revealed that Police had raided the orphanage just after the transaction had occurred and while Kev and Veronica were arrested and jailed, Marty had managed to escape with the baby. He wanted to raise the baby with Sue as their own, but she was completely against the idea, suggesting they leave it at a Maternity Ward.

But when Marty was taken into custody by PC Stan Waterman and his new partner PC Tom O'Leary Sue had a change of heart. She attempted to convince them that the baby was hers, she was even able to breast feed the baby boy thanks to her early lactating from her pregnancy. And while the officers didn't believe her story, Tom was struck by the fact that the baby was an orphan, being raised in care homes himself. The officers let the couple take the baby, covering up what they knew and leaving Sue and Marty to leave the Chatsworth Estate to start a new life and raise the baby as their own with the baby Sue was carrying.

Marty returned to the estate in Series 8 while trying to remain hidden. He explained to a shocked Kelly Maguire that he and Sue married and moved to Spain with their children but their marriage began to break down as Marty couldn't give her what she wanted. Sue later cheated on Marty with a Spanish man before deciding to be with him, she threw Marty out of the house when his anger lead to his arson flaring up again. Marty spent time living on the beach in Spain but eventually managed to find his way back to Chatsworth where he was forced to hide due to having warrants out for his arrest from unpaid Child Support.

These facts were later called into question when it was revealed Sue and her children had died in a house fire, something Marty had kept a secret even to the point of pretending to invite his family back to the estate and being crushed when they never turned up. It was later revealed that Marty was in fact on the run from the police as a suspect for killing his family, due to his past of pyromania. Marty adamantly told a disgusted Kelly Maguire that he played no part in the death of his family and since Kelly later decided to run away with him it can be assumed she believed him.

In Series 10, Marty and Kelly are getting ready for their nuptials, when Kelly comes across a letter to Marty, which turns out to have been written by his son, who was mentioned in Series 8 to have died along with his sibling and their mother, Sue. Marty's expresses in his wish for his father to come home. Kelly confronts Marty over the letter, and accuses him of lying to her. But Marty is deeply shocked from the revelation that Sue and his children may still be alive. Marty manages to patch up matters with Kelly. He leaves Chatsworth to find his children, thus postponing the wedding with Kelly Ball. This storyline was not resolved.