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Stanley Dennis "Stan" Waterman[1] was one of the estates police officers. He is generally friendly, and treated as one of the estate, and is usually willing to bend the rules to help out when the Gallaghers get in trouble. During series 5 he began a relationship with Yvonne Karib. When he asked her to marry him, she revealed that she couldn't because her husband, Kash, was not actually dead. In Series 1-3, his best friend and co-worker is Tony who he lived and worked with in a professional capacity. In Series 2, Stan helped Tony to frame Steve Mcbride on drug charges, and is a witness when Steve is caught up in a struggle and shoots a drug dealer, whom he (Steve) was trying to calm. Stan features in a home made pornographic film, with the mother of one of Debs friends. The Film is accidently found by an eleven year old Debbie Gallagher who copies and sells VHS tapes of the film all over the estate. Stan later sings in a Jockey Karaoke session as Elvis Presley, since he starred as Elvis during his pornographic film. In Series 4 he shared a flat with co-workers Tom O'Leary and Carrie Rogers.

He eventually moved in with Yvonne and became like a father to her children, spending a lot of the time at the Karib's Shop. However in Series 7, Paddy Maguire called in a debt that Yvonne owed him. When Yvonne didn't have the money to repay Paddy, after an assailant burst into the shop and attacked Stan they naturally assumed it was a warning from Paddy. Worried for their safety Yvonne accepted a convenient offer from Joe Pritchard and sold him the shop, not realizing that the assailant had actually been Joe himself, hoping to scare Yvonne into doing exactly that.

Stan later left with Yvonne and Meena to live in Pakistan, leaving Chesney on the Chatsworth Estate.


  • During Episode 4 of Series 2 Stan is seen calling in for back up and identifies himself as "Stan Baltimore". Despite this he was known as Stan Waterman later.