Sinnead Croker is the recovering drug addict mother of Aidan Croker. She appeared as a guest star in Series 8. Sinnead turned to drugs and then prostitution when her Gypsy partner, Aidan's father, left her to marry someone else.


Sinnead was sent to prison after assaulting one of her prostitution customers and Aidan was sent to live with his Great Aunt Patty.

Aidan grew happy when his mother's release date arrived but he soon learned she had been released 2 months previous and had made to attempt to contact him. He was distraught but eventually managed to track her down through one of her old prostitute friends.

Aidan visited her at her new flat where she lit him a cigarette and explained she had been off drugs for a full year thanks to a sponsor she implied was more than just a friend and that she wanted to get her life in order before retrieving Aidan. She soon showed her true colours however when she pretended to go get Aidan a drink but ran out of the flat, leaving him in tears. She returned later with Patty who said she wouldn't be taking Aidan as he needed his mother, much to Aidan's delight. But they were shocked when Sinnead countered that Aidan would have to go into foster care if Patty didn't take him before going on to blame Aidan for everything from her drug use to premature aging. She said she was not meant to have a child and pushed Aidan away from her. Patty was disgusted but Aidan tearfully told her to give him a moment with his mother before telling her that if she was so sure that her life would be better without him, he would hold her to it. He then told her he loved her before going home with Patty, newly happy with his home on the estate.

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