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Simple Pleasures is the first episode of the  Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona is dividing her time between caring for the household and working at Worldwide Cup with her boss/boyfriend Mike Pratt. Lip attends college at Chicago Polytechnic University and has a work-study job as part of his tuition plan. Ian is missing; Debbie is growing up and discovering boys. Frank medically is worse than ever, and Carl takes care of him. Sheila is lonely, with Karen, Jody and Hymie gone, resorts to cleaning the Gallagher's house.




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  • Debbie likes Marina & The Diamonds


Kev: Frank’s a cockroach. You can stomp on him, spray him, try and drown him but he always comes crawling back up out of the toilet bowl.

Mickey: Heard from Gallagher?
Kev: Frank? Nah.
Tommy: I thought Frank was dead.
Mickey: Not fucking Frank. The other one. The redhead.
Kev: Ian? Nah, he took off. What- he owe you money or something?

Carl: He’s dying.
Fiona: No he’s killing himself, there’s a difference.

Fiona: There's a toilet right there. Mrs. Babiac doesn't need an anatomy lesson.
Carl: Please, Mrs. Babiac's got my 18th birthday circled on her calendar.



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