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Shaza Karib is the sister of Kash Karib, aunt to Meena and Chesney and sister in-law to Yvonne. She is a lesbian and started dating Norma Starkey in Series 5. Shaza is a beautiful, friendly and happy woman who spoils her niece and nephew whenever she can. Both her brother and herself are homosexual, though it is unlikely that Shaza knew her brother was gay. It is also unknown if her sexuality was known to her mother, Umi. She was born in the UK.

Shaza arrived on the estate in Episode 10 of Series 5 to visit Yvonne, Meena and Chesney to wish them well regarding Meena's engagement. However Meena's impending arranged marriage to a medical student in Islamabad, Pakistan was completely unknown to Yvonne who was furious and utterly against the idea. Yvonne then enlisted Shaza's help in secretly manipulating Meena into changing her mind, something they managed easily.

During her visit Shaza asked out Norma after catching her pretending her broom was a lightsabre while working at the shop. Norma was suspicious at first, thinking Yvonne was setting her up and refusing to believe that Shaza was a lesbian. She accepted the date offer and the couple went for drinks at The Jockey that night.

Norma told Monica about her date and though she laughed at first, thinking it a joke she wished Norma well. During the date Monica cornered Shaza in the toilets and warned that if she broke Norma's heart, Monica would break her face. A confused Shaza reported this incident to Norma soon after and she reacted by leaving a confused Shaza and confronting Monica. Far from being angry, Norma saw Monica's actions as proof they still had a chance and began making plans for the two of them to get back together. Monica stopped her however and told her that they would never get back together.

Norma later apologized to an annoyed Shaza and asked her out again but Shaza turned her down. Later that night at the Gallaghers enjoyed themselves at The Jockey bar, Norma sat alone feeling sorry for herself. That is until Shaza arrived and told her that on the condition Norma buy all the pints and stays aware that it means nothing they can have a drink.

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