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Series Nine of Shameless began filming in May 2011 and started airing on 9 January 2012[1]. It was intended to have a run of 22 episodes and continue the format of splitting the series in two that started with Series 8 however for an unknown reason Series 10 was started instead of a second half and series 9 ended with 11 episodes. The second episode aired the day after the first, with both episodes being specials just under an hour in length each.


Some sexy new characters are found living in the close knit community: feisty siblings Gloria (Angeline Ball) and Dominic Meak (Stephen Lord). She's a hairdresser working out of her front room on the Chatsworth and he's a very lapsed Catholic priest on "sabbatical" - they cause moral mayhem as well as bringing their own pretty damaged past to the estate. Then there's 21 year old Ruby Hepburn (Kari Corbett) - a post Lads Mag ball of trouble, a Maguire niece and a fiery Celt, joining the Maguire household. Not to mention the smiling face of Frank's (David Threlfall) new running mate Terry, a little terrapin, who lives in his pocket.

The series starts with a multi agency swoop on the Estate, when ruthless project consultant Carmen Kenaway (Morwenna Banks) and her toxic side kick Feeney (Judy Flynn) hit the estate, embarking on a long term strategy to make the Chatsworth an urban wasteland.

The Gallaghers (and half the estate) are evicted from their homes. But the Chatsworthians continue to be comrades-in-arms, socially irresponsible and outrageous in their everyday roller coaster lives. The Maguires embrace freeganism, and make money from what corporate bodies discard. Avril Powell uses her new job in a pharmacy to become the local supplier of prescription drugs. Micky Maguire is gay bashed. Shane Maguire develops a taste for smoking Kanda (addictive dried cow shit). The marriage of Karen and Jamie Maguire is put under pressure when they are both tempted to stray and when Jamie is stabbed by corrupt copper Brooksy (Steve Evets). Young Aidan Croker is a horrified bystander when his teacher is raped. Kelly and Marty are expecting but their life takes a very dark turn. Mimi Maguire and her new husband Billy embark on an open relationship. Lillian Tyler fluffs and smothers clients in a unique take on euthanasia. And Carl Gallagher grows up, becomes a policeman and meets Clem (Amy Beth Hayes) who finally, properly steals his heart...


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Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Episode 901 Writer: Ed McCardie and Kevin Erlis Director: John Henderson January 9, 2012 #901
The series starts with a multi agency swoop on the estate, when ruthless project consultant Carmen Kenaway and her toxic side kick Feeney hit on the estate, embarking on a long-term strategy to make the Chatsworth an urban wasteland. The Gallaghers (and half the estate) are evicted from their homes.

Episode 902 Writer: Tom Higgins and Ed McCardie Director: Luke Watson January 10, 2012 #902
Karen brings in a secret weapon against Carmen and her agenda when the residents get their hands on her personal computer. Marty's lost family continues to haunt him, leaving Kelly feeling alone. Jackson loses his teaching post. Billy impresses everyone for the first time with an idea that just might save the Chatsworth.

Episode 903 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Andy McDonnell January 17, 2012 #903
Marty struggles after Kelly's miscarriage, while Kelly acts like she doesn't care. Mimi worries that she isn't enough for Billy and enlists a disgusted Shane to get his step-father a girl for the night. Avril goes for a nightmare job interview and ends up making a fool of herself. Patty gets in over her head when she crashes a funeral for the free food and entertainment.

Episode 904 Writer: Ed McCardie and Jonathan Harvey Director: Luke Watson January 24, 2012 #904
A one night stand ends in horror when Micky is gay bashed by his would be partner. Shane, along with the rest of the male population of Chatsworth is blown away by the arrival of his sexy cousin Ruby. Carl finds love at first sight with feisty Clem but struggles to accept her every feature. Aidan worries for illiterate friend Frasier until he attacks Aidan's teacher Ms. Heaton.

Episode 905 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Andy McDonnell January 31, 2012 #905
A simple collection of unpaid drug money gets complicated for Micky when he gets trapped in a room with a woman in the late stages of labour. Kelly continues to drink heavily and lash out those closest to her. Shane and Chesney discover the joys of smoking Kanda - dried cow shit. A face from Jamie's past returns in the form of Brooksy, a bent police officer with dangerous evidence on Jamie. Aidan suffers from severe nightmares after witnessing his teacher's rape and attempts to convince her to go to the police.

Episode 906 Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Tim Whitby February 7, 2012 #906
Shane's unpaid bar tab and lack of money spurs him into robbing cigarettes from a van but the job requires two bodies, Shane finds an unlikely partner in Jackson. Carl announces he is moving in with Clem, much to Chesney's annoyance. Gloria's brother Dominic arrives on the estate and the priest on sabbatical wastes no time in bringing home a lady friend...or two. Frank is coerced into taking Stella to a local petting zoo by Patty and while there he finds a new best friend.

Episode 907 Writer: Karen Laws and Ed McCardie Director: Tim Whitby February 14, 2012 #907
Everyones fears for Kelly hit a peak when her constant partying leaves her completely out of control. They hold an intervention for her but she storms away to continue spiralling into her old habits of drink and drugs. Karen and Dominic make a bet that he can't get Ruby into bed, but just how much does Karen want to win? Avril steps in to investigate when she notices higher volumes of drugs being logged than are being used by her often dishevelled co-worker.

Episode 908 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 21, 2012 #908
Marty's attempts to tap into the public supply of electricity results in a black out on the Chatsworth, but the dark results in all kinds of secrets being revealed. Gloria has a moment of passion with the husband of a friend. Kelly decides the time has come to organize the Brothel properly. Chesney's recent frantic excercise has terrible consequences when mixed with drugs. Frank reveals the history of his famous coat when it goes missing and he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Dominic in the pursuit to find it. Marty thinks himself saved by God when he isn't killed by the electricity he's trying to steal.

Episode 909 Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Cotter February 28, 2012 #909
Chesney's recent brush with death leaves him with a fresh outlook on life and with his grandfather demanding the shop be sold and Chesney move away, he decides to run his own life. Jamie and Gloria continue their affair. Kelly and Ruby argue whether prostitution is an art or service and decide to settle it and find Lillian a new staff member in the process, by holding auditions.

Episode 910 Writer: Jonathan Harvey and Ed McCardie Director: Justin Molotnikov March 6, 2012 #910
Jamie begins to worry his affair with Gloria will be revealed and he will lose everything. Shane and Jamie engineer a plan to rob Manchester's former War Rooms (now owned by the Lottery) with the aim of lifting a stash of scratch cards as a way to make some easy money. Karen enlists Chesney's help to do the money collecting in Jamie's absence and convince Mimi she is up to the job. Letitia forms a girl band with friends from school but soon finds their music video hacked and doctored.

Episode 911 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Justin Molotnikov March 13, 2012 #911
Frank, Jamie, Shane, Ruby and Aidan begin to feel to the strain after days of being trapped underground. Gloria agonizes over whether to reveal she knows where the missing party are for fear of revealing her affair with Jamie. Marty worries that Kelly may still love Shane when he overhears her praying for his safe return. Aidan's absence spurs a worried Letitia to set up a shrine for him, though her choice of location has Avril disgusted.


  • Ciaran Griffiths who plays Micky Maguire announced his departure from Shameless before the airing of Series 9 began on his Twitter page.
  • It was announced on the Shameless Facebook page that instead of starting Series 9's second half, the show would move onto Series 10. The reason for this late change is unknown.

Sources and References

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