The sixth series of Shameless began airing on January 27, 2009, it consisted of 16 episodes, a trend continued from the previous series. Series 6 focused on the Maguire Family more than previous series, saw the departure of Samantha Siddall who played Mandy Maguire and the introduction of nurse Maxine Donnelly.


Ian leaves the Chatsworth Estate for a few episodes, and comes back with some surprise luggage. Karen and Jamie find their relationship becoming more and more strained, especially when Karen suffers a miscarriage. Carl hits it off with a nurse at the hospital, Maxine, who soon becomes a regular at the Gallagher house. Debbie turned 16 and turned from a little angel to a tearaway teen.

Paddy finds his life of selling drugs catching up with him, when the mother of a customer who died in the throws of heroin addiction focuses her rage on him. Maureen kidnaps Paddy and begins administering injections of heroin, once Paddy is good and addicted she releases him. Ashamed and confused he hides the event from his family, but unable to beat his newly developed addiction his life soon starts to fall apart.

A meeting with Liam's head teacher by Frank and Norma (who is pretending to be Monica) confirms Frank's youngest son as a genius when he is offered a place on an advanced learning scheme.

Shane finds himself partially paralyzed after an accident, but the worst part of all is the competition between his mother, Mimi, and girlfriend Kelly that leaves him in the middle. Mandy's new man Joe is revealed to have been hitting her, causing Jamie to get violent and threaten his bail. Debbie's relationship with Tom comes to an end, and quickly turns sour when he starts to stalk her as he wants her back

A face from Yvonne's past returns to threaten her new life, and she tries everything in her power to keep certain secrets from her children, Chesney and Meena. Paddy's problems continue, but this time it's his family that is in danger, and by the end: one of them will be dead.

Debbie has had enough of Chatsworth and leaves to join the Army, the last episode is the last we see of her.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Episode 601 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Richardson January 27, 2009 #601
After Ian is attacked he is rushed to hospital, where the attack is revealed to have caused amnesia.

Episode 602 Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: David Threlfall February 3, 2009 #602
Jamie and Karen find their relationship strained, Micky enrolls on a film course after Ian's departure spurs him to do something with his life.

Episode 603 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: David Richardson February 10, 2009 #603
Frank finds himself with a silver lining when his Identity is stolen and his criminal record is wiped as a result, however when he's called for Jury Service he's not as pleased as he was. Shane and Micky come up with a way to scam money out of tourists but Carrie is soon hot on their trail.

Episode 604 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 17, 2009 #604
Monica feels neglected when Frank turns down her advances, the Maguire's are left furious when Fergal's grave is desecrated.

Episode 605 Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Paul Norton Walker February 24, 2009 #605
When Karen has a miscarriage, her relationship with Jamie is strained further, Liam wins a modelling competition Debbie entered him in, Mandy finds her love life looking up.

Episode 606 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Paul Norton Walker March 3, 2009 #606
Paddy wakes up to find himself chained to a bed in a strange room with no memory of how he got there. Maureen then enters the room and he remembers he has been seeing her since he met her in a cemetery.

Episode 607 Writer: Ian Kershaw Director: Lawrence Till March 10, 2009 #607
Ian drives a car back to the UK following his travels abroad, unaware that there is something hidden inside. Paddy is still missing.

Episode 608 Writer: Davey Jones Director: Lawrence Till March 17, 2009 #608
Paddy lies to his family about his whereabouts the past few days, but he has vengeance on his mind when he fails to overcome his enforced Heroin addiction.

Episode 609 Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Paul Norton Walker March 24, 2009 #609
Shane is left partially paralysed after an accident but his trouble's are made worse when Mimi and Kelly clash over helping him recover.

Episode 610 Writer: Tracy Brabin Director: Paul Norton Walker March 31, 2009 #610
When Liam is awarded a special scholarship at school, Norma pretends to be his mother to make the family appear more 'normal'. Mimi tries to help Paddy with his addiction.

Episode 611 Writer: Emma Taylor Director: David Threlfall April 7, 2009 #611
Jamie's parole is threatened when he beats up Joe for hitting Mandy, but Mimi comes to the rescue by taking the blame.

Episode 612 Writer: Tom Higgins & Kevin Erlis Director: David Threlfall April 14, 2009 #612
Ian isn't happy when he finds out his brother has been skiving off from school, especially when he thinks Danny is responsible. Paddy goes cold turkey in an attempt to beat his addiction while Mandy is pressured into finishing with Joe. Meena's career idea's don't meet with Yvonne's standards.

Episode 613 Writer: Paul Tomalin Director: Tony Slater Ling April 21, 2009 #613
The Gallagher's find their lives turned upside down after a visit from Social Services, Chesney falls for a married woman.

Episode 614 Writer: Tom Higgins Director: Tony Slater Ling April 28, 2009 #614
When Yvonne's past begins to catch up with her, she attempts to stop Chesney and Meena from learning the truth.

Episode 615 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Lawrence Till May 5, 2009 #615
When Frank takes refuge in a confessional booth for the night he hears a neighbour's shocking secret and finds himself drawn into the events.

Episode 616 Writer: Alex Ganley Director: Lawrence Till May 12, 2009 #616
Paddy's downward spiral continues and he finds his marriage and family life in serious trouble. Mandy in particular is dragged into events, with fatal consequences.


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Frank's Intro Speech

Tickets this way for the Chatsworth Express. Come and watch pikeys making a mess 
of the lives they were given by him upstairs and kids they're convinced, 
aren't actually theirs. What sounds on Earth could ever replace kids needing 
money or wives in your face. 'Cause this, people rekon and me included, is why 
pubs and drugs were kindly invented, to calm us all down, stop us going mental. 
These are Chatsworth Estate's basic essentials, we are worth every penny 
for grinding your axes. You shit on our head but, you pay the taxes. Imagine a
Britain without Chatsworth buccaneers, who'll come on your face for 
the price of a beer. Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now, make 
poverty history, cheaper drugs now! Scatter! Party!
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