The fifth series of Shameless began airing on January 1 2008, it consisted of 16 episodes, a much longer run than previous series but a trend that continued in the following series. Series 5 saw the departure of Jody Latham's character Lip Gallagher and another addition to Frank and Monica's brood.


From the series beginning we start to see Lip's discontent with life on the Chatsworth Estate, Mandy notices his unhappiness and makes an important choice the future of their child.

Carl begins to show just how grown up he is when he starts an illicit affair with his girlfriend's mother! Liam get's worried when Monica reveals she'll be relying on him for help with the new baby, he runs away but soon comes across his father, who was recently thrown out of the house when baby Katie swallowed his drugs (that luckily turned out to be harmless).

Monica's estranged mother comes to visit, bringing with her a few secrets, one of which is shocking even by Chatsworth standards. And Debbie reveals just who she's been spending all her time with, and later the couple find themselves with an agonizing choice when legal trouble's turn their lives upside down but could be solved by revealing other illegal activities.



Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Episode 501 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall January 1, 2008 #501
Frank receives some bad news while in hospital, Lip finds his past catching up to him and ends up in a fight.

Episode 502 Writer: Stephen Russell Director: David Threlfall January 8, 2008 #502
Mimi is upset when an ex boyfriend makes some offensive comments on the weight she has gained over the years and Paddy doesn't defend her.

Episode 503 Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker January 15, 2008 #503
Monica vows to spend more time with her children when she finds out she isn't pregnant, Paddy is angry when The Jockey is robbed before the surprise party for Mimi, Stan's colleagues worry when he brings a questionable foreign woman home after meeting her on the Internet.

Episode 504 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Paul Norton Walker January 22, 2008 #504
Trouble ensues when Frank is mistakenly thought to have won the lottery, he soaks up the attention but Liam is kidnapped and held for ransom!

Episode 505 Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Lawrence Till January 29, 2008 #505
Debbie has an enterprising idea, Shane is happily surprised when the woman of his dreams takes him home, Carrie says she was driving when Stan accidentally hits an elderly woman with the police van but things get complicated when she decides to sue.

Episode 506 Writer: Ben Edwards Director: Lawrence Till February 7, 2008 #506
Frank is thrown out when baby Katie eats some of his drugs, Liam runs away when he hears Monica expects him to help with the new baby, when he meets Frank he begins to bond with his usually absent father.

Episode 507 Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Fraser MacDonald February 14, 2008 #507
Ian and Mandy vie for the attention of a fireman called out to their gas leak, Carl stays in a relationship to continue sex with the girl's mother, but things get serious when the woman wants to leave her husband for him!

Episode 508 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Fraser MacDonald February 21, 2008 #508
Frank is smitten with a woman he meets on the bus, Debbie attempts to raise money so the family can go on holiday.

Episode 509 Writer: Emma Frost Director: Jim Loach February 28, 2008 #509
Monica's estranged mother comes to visit, but she has Alzheimer's disease. Stan is torn when he begins a sexual relationship with Yvonne when he wants things to go further while she is happy with no strings. Liam outsmarts Micky and Shane with a business venture when they want money to throw a party.

Episode 510 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Jim Loach March 6, 2008 #510
Karen isn't happy when Jamie's former cell mate comes to stay, Norma gets back on the dating scene, Yvonne is surprised when her daughter arranges her wedding.

Episode 511 Writer: Stephen Russell Director: David Threlfall March 13, 2008 #511
Paddy is caught committing armed robbery on CCTV and faces a long jail sentence, the Gallaghers find themselves in debt with Mimi, Tom thinks Carrie is exploiting her new position after she's promoted.

Episode 512 Writer: Malcolm Campbell Director: Lawrence Till March 20, 2008 #512
Yvonne and Stan's relationship is in danger after a big argument, but when she is held up in the shop and Stan tries to intervene, a shot is fired.

Episode 513 Writer: Sarah Hooper Director: Lawrence Till March 27, 2008 #513
Mandy's love life is looking up when she's persuaded to go on a blind date, but things take a turn when her date dies after taking Ecstasy. Left with a corpse on their hands Mandy and Karen must get rid of the evidence.

Episode 514 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall April 1, 2008 #514
After getting arrested Mandy becomes friends with Tom and tries to help him track down his birth mother, but she soon finds herself falling for him.

Episode 515 Writer: Ed McCardie Director: Paul Norton Walker April 8, 2008 #515
Debbie and Tom enjoy another secret date but when they stumble across a woman who has been attacked, Tom is mistaken for her attacker and arrested. Debbie knows that if she doesn't reveal she was with him he's looking at a long sentence, but if she does there will be a different kind of trouble. Mimi also finds herself in an awkward position.

Episode 516 Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker April 15, 2008 #516
A small earthquake sends Monica into labour but Frank is in a coma after falling off his bar stool, stuck in a hallucination of an alternate world.


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Frank's Intro Speech

Tickets this way for the Chatsworth Express. Come and watch pikeys making a mess 
of the lives they were given by him upstairs and kids they're convinced, 
aren't actually theirs. What sounds on Earth could ever replace kids needing 
money or wives in your face. 'Cause this, people rekon and me included, is why 
pubs and drugs were kindly invented, to calm us all down, stop us going mental. 
These are Chatsworth Estate's basic essentials, we are worth every penny 
for grinding your axes. You shit on our head but, you pay the taxes. Imagine 
Britain without Chatsworth buccaneers, who'll come on your face for 
the price of a beer. Make poverty history, cheaper drugs now, make 
poverty history, cheaper drugs now! Scatter! Party!


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