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Series Four of Shameless, began airing on 9 January 2007 on Channel 4 in the UK and consisted of 8 episodes. The series marked a major cast change. With many key characters from the previous series being wirtten out in the first three epsidoes. Notably, it expaded the Maguire family widely, introducing new members of the family and featuring them in prominent roles. 


The series begins with the departure of Kev and Veronica, arrested for trying to buy a baby in a foreign country.

Jamie Maguire is released from prison and gets a job at The Jockey, stating that he is no longer interested in the family business. He is intrigued by Karen who appears to not be scared of him like everyone else on the estate.

Monica and Norma return. Norma gets cast aside by Monica who is now after Frank. Monica is jealous of Debbie and Frank's relationship and tries to encourage her to get a boyfriend of her own.

Sheila sees Monica as competition for Frank and tries to get her back together with Norma. Carl has other ideas, as he is trying to get rid of Norma to get his parents back together.

The Maguire family see more dominant roles and we see some backstory on Paddy and more prominent roles for other family members such as Shane and Micky.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
New Beginnings Writer: Emma Frost Director: Paul Norton Walker January 9, 2007 #401
Lip turns "18" and the Maguire's attempt to welcome him to the family business, Monica returns, Kev and Veronica are sent to prison for buying a child in a foreign country. and Frank nearly burns the house down whilst Sheila is away.

New Romances Writer: Emma Frost Director: Paul Norton Walker January 16, 2007 #402
Frank desperately tries to keep the fact he is still married to Monica a secret, Sheila sees competition in Monica and tries to reunite her with her lesbian lover, Norma Starkey.

You Decide Writer: Stephen Russell Director: Paul Norton Walker January 23, 2007 #403
Monica makes every effort to win Frank back from sheila, a new Police Officer starts on the Chatsworth Estate, Frank must choose between Monica or Sheila, but is it too late?

The Runaway Writer: Jack Thorne Director: Noreen Kershaw January 30, 2007 #404
Ian gets involved with a girl on the run from the Maguire's, Karen and Jamie try to out do each other at The Jockey, Mimi causes concern when she stops talking.

Boys, Boys, Boys Writer: Jim O'Hanlon & Amanda Cole Director: David Threlfall February 6, 2007 #405
Monica encourages Debbie to get a boyfriend to stop her hanging around Frank, Ian and Micky Maguire get to know each other.

Dangerous Situation Writer: Ed McCardie Director: David Threlfall February 13, 2007 #406
Carl realizes he must get rid of Norma if he wants to reunite his family, Frank messes up his new job driving Shane Maguire's Ice Cream Van.

Terrorist Target Writer: Emma Frost Director: Noreen Kershaw February 20, 2007 #407
When mysterious explosions rock the Chatsworth Estate, rumours of Terrorism begin to spread. Norma accuses Frank of trying to rape her.

Revelations Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Lawrence Till February 27, 2007 #408
When three of his former cell mates die in mysterious circumstances, Paddy Maguire begins to wonder if he will be next, Karen worries if marrying Jamie is a good idea after all.


Main cast

Secondary cast

Frank's Intro Speeches

While most series contain a noticeable in-series change in the opening title sequence in some way (such as Steve McBride's departure in Series 2, Libby Croker joining the main cast in Series 7, and Carl Gallagher departing in Series 9 etc.), Series 4 is unique in that it contains the most (drastic) edits of the sequence in series, three in total.

  1. The first sequence carries on directly from Series 3, with the same Frank's speech, and the same characters: the Gallagher children as normal (LipIanCarlDebbieLiam) as well as SheilaKevVeronicaCarol, and Marty.  However during the showing of the Gallagher children (which normally involved their Series 1 younger appearances, it briefly includes up to date versions of their character appearances, showing how grown up they've become since the start). This lasts until Episode 3, where Sheila departs from the show, and is no longer featured, thus replaced entirely by Monica, bringing about a change in the intro speech. Strangely, Kev, Veronica and Marty are kept in the intro until the 3rd episode of the series, even though they departed in the first episode
  2. With the departure of Sheila, the intro speech is modified to take out characters that left (Kev, Veronica, Marty), and incorporate the guest stars from Series 1 - 3 that have now become main cast. The sequence now becomes the Gallagher children (Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, Liam), MonicaNormaMaguire Family. Strangely, Carol is taken out along with Kev, Veronica, and Marty, despite still being in the cast (although admittedly phased out). This intro wasn't used very long, and with it ending on episode 7, it was only used for 3 episodes.
  3. The first big change to the intro speech, and overall opening sequence, that occurred in the series finale as a prototype for what would become the intro for all of Series 5, marking the start of a new era. The intro has now become a montage of scenes from the show, while Frank changes his monologue away from his friends and family, and focuses it more towards life on the estate in general. This was likely due to the number of characters growing, and the show evolving, to make it less about the Gallagher children, and focusing more on other residents, like the Maguire and Karib families.

Episode 3 - Episode 7:

Now nobody's saying the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden, but it's been a 
good home to us--to me, Frank Gallagher, and me kids, who I'm proud of, 'cause every 
single one of them reminds me a little of me. They can all think for themselves, 
which they've me to thank for. Lip, who's a bit of a gobshite, which is why nobody 
calls him 'Phillip' anymore. Ian--a lot like his mam, which was handy for the 
others when she disappeared into thin air. Carl--we daren't let him grow his hair 
for two reasons: one, it makes it stand on end and makes him look like [ Toyah;, 
two, nits love it. Debbie! Sent by God, total angel! You've to check your change, 
but she'll go miles out of her way to do you a favour. Plus lickle Liam--gonna be 
a star some day. Monica, the wife--she's back with her bird in tow, and we 
can't get shot of her. And the neighbours, the neighbours--well, what can you say? 
Well, nothing if you don't want your arms breaking. Still, nobody's perfect. 
But all of them, to a man, know, first and foremost, one of the most vital 
necessities in life is they know how to throw a party! Scatter!

Episode 8:

Tickets this way for the Chatsworth Express! Come and watch pikeys making a mess 
of the lives they were given by him upstairs, and kids they're convinced, 
aren't actually theirs. What sounds on Earth could ever replace kids needing 
money or wives in your face? 'Cause this, people reckon--and me included--is why 
pubs and drugs were kindly invented: to calm us all down, stop us going mental. 
These are Chatsworth Estate's basic essentials! We are worth every penny 
for grinding your axes. You shit on our head, but you pay the taxes. Imagine 
Britain without Chatsworth buccaneers, who'll come on your face for 
the price of a beer? Eh? Make poverty history! cheaper drugs now! Make 
poverty history! Cheaper drugs now! Scatter! Party!