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The third series of Shameless consisted of 8 episodes which aired weekly, usually on a Tuesday night, starting with a New Year's Special which aired on 3 January 2006. The series saw the Gallaghers fending for themselves after Fiona and Steve's move to Amsterdam.


After the departure of Steve and Fiona the Gallagher children are left without a true parental figure for the first time. Inconsistently absent mother Monica is still living with her lesbian lover Norma and unreliable father Frank shifts his time between his disorder riddled girlfriend Sheila's house and The Jockey.

Fiona's departure from the family has left a thirteen year old Debbie running the household and acting as the parent to her little brother Liam.

The knock through to Steve and Fiona's house next door has officially made the Gallagher house double in size, and Carol Fisher, her arsonist son Marty and his girlfriend Sue are there to help fill up the space and cause some trouble of their own.

The series sees a loss for the Gallagher's neighbour Kev, which results in an old face from his past showing up to cause serious trouble in his relationship with girlfriend Veronica. Mandy gives birth to a healthy baby daughter but the rest of the Maguire Family refuse to let Lip see her.

Kev's troublesome sister Kelly moves into Sheila's but soon has people talking with her many "gentleman callers". An unpaid electric bill leads to a surprising financial revalation from Sue which with a little from Carol puts serious strain on her relationship with Marty.

And garden work forces Sheila to come clean to Frank about her first husband (before Eddie) and about the patio. With their wedding looming, Frank is left shell shocked but Veronica, in need of money after her last NHS paid IVF treatment is unsuccessful, sees the perfect opportunity for some easy money.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Liamday Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Catherine Morshead January 3, 2006 #301
New Year's Special. Debbie lies and says Liam has cancer in order to get him out of trouble at school, but the plan backfires when the whole community gets involved in raising money for the cause.

Dark Friends Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Catherine Morshead January 10, 2006 #302
Lip gets involved in a towel stealing scam at his new job at a hotel, however his colleague, Jack, has another agenda that has consequences for Kash, Kev's sister Kelly moves into Sheila's and causes a stir with her sexual escapades.

Baby Writer: Bob Mills & Jim Poyser Director: Jim O'Hanlon January 17, 2006 #303
Mandy goes into labour after a robbery at the shop, but the Maguire's refuse to let Lip see her. Kev receives a horse racing tip which goes horribly wrong when the entire estate hear about it.

Benefit Fraud Writer: Amanda Coe Director: Catherine Morshead January 26, 2006 #304
Carl vies for the attention of Lip's new girlfriend Emily but only causes problems for himself, Carol reports Lillian to the DSS in revenge, causing a panic among the entire estate, when benefit investigators turn up on the Chatsworth Estate in droves, Frank is particularly worried as he's claiming benefits in Lillian's dead husband's name.

Old Flame Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Jim O'Hanlon January 31, 2006 #305
Kev wakes up on his birthday to find his mother has committed suicide, he meets his ex wife Roxy at the funeral, but when Veronica catches them in a compromising position she refuses to believe his pleas of innocence.

In with the Maguire's Writer: Emma Frost Director: David Threlfall February 7, 2006 #306
Carl gets arrested for growing Cannabis plants for the Maguire's, sparking a family feud when they believe him to have given the Police information for a quick release, Mandy bans Lip from seeing his daughter so he attempts to hunt down the real informant.

Act Your Age Writer: Amanda Coe & Phil Nodding Director: Paul Norton Walker February 14, 2006 #307
Debbie begins to realize the childhood she is missing out on and leaves the boys to look after themselves, a power cut from an unpaid electric bill reveals Sue's growing debts and she cowardly runs away, Frank's latest money spinner backfires.

The Wedding Writer: Amanda Coe Director: Paul Norton Walker February 21, 2006 #308
Garden work forces Sheila to reveal to Frank that her first husband is buried under the patio, Veronica sees a money opportunity when her last NHS funded IVF treatment fails and it looks increasingly likely that Debbie will be the only Gallagher at Frank's wedding.


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Frank's Intro Speech

Now nobody's saying the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden but it's been a 
good home to us. To me, Frank Gallagher and me kid's who I'm proud of 'cause 
every single one of them reminds me a little of me. They can all think for 
themselves, which they've got me to thank for. Lip who's a bit of a gobshite 
which is why nobody calls him "Phillip" anymore, Ian, a lot like his mam which is 
handy for the others because she's disappeared into thin air. And Carl, 
we daren't let him grow his hair for two reasons, one it makes it stand on end 
and makes him look like Toyah, two nits love him. Debbie! Sent by God, total 
angel, you've to check your change but she'll go miles out of her way to do you 
a favour plus little Liam, he's gonna be a star some day. Sheila, me bird, 
couldn't be happier, one plate short of a full set like. And fantastic 
neighbours Kev and Veronica, lend you anything, well almost anything. Carol and 
Marty, the lodgers from hell, last of the lonely hearts and a psychologist's wet 
dream. Still, nobodies perfect, but all of them, to a man, know first and foremost 
one of the most vital necessities in life is they know how to throw a party!