This page is about original UK version of Shameless. For the US remake, see Season 2.

The second series of Shameless consisted of a Christmas Special which aired on December 23, 2004 and then continued with 10 episodes on January 4, 2005 which aired weekly. The series continues the drama of Chatsworth Estate's colourful residents, including the continuing relationship strife of Steve and Fiona. Series 2 is a rare case in that neither Monica Gallagher nor Norma Starkey appear once.


Series 2 continues much in the same way as the first series. Following the good times and the drama in the lives of the Gallagher family and their neighbour's on the Chatsworth Estate. The Gallagher children, with their absent lesbian mother Monica still living with her lover Norma and their drunk father Frank living with his girlfriend Sheila, are still being raised by big sister Fiona and her boyfriend Steve who live next door.

But Fiona and Steve, who went through such trouble early in their relationship (Series 1) are finding that the worst is yet to come.

Sheila gives birth at Christmas time and there's a surprise in store when she give's birth to non-identical twins Delia and Nigel, named after her cookery show heroes.

Karen realizes her calling when she moves back to the Estate and get's a job at The Jockey, courtesy of landlady Jez's lust. But Veronica see's nothing but competition, both for the affections of her boyfriend Kev and for the tip's he would usually earn working at The Jockey.

Veronica's mother Carol and brother Marty move onto the Estate and bring their dysfunctional fights with them. Tony continues to try his best to win Fiona's heart.

Lip and Ian's fake girlfriend Mandy start a sexual relationship, which get's seriously complicated when Mandy get's pregnant! Fiona get's involved with local man Craig Garland, whose separated wife Sue has caught Marty's eye. And Carl's future is in question when he accidentally kills Lillian's husband!


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Christmas Special Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Jonny Campbell December 23, 2004 #200
Chatsworth is closed by the Military when some contaminated meat is stolen and finds it's way into public circulation among the residents.

Episode 201 Writer: Paul Abbott Director: David Evans January 4, 2005 #201
Frank pretends to get a job to keep his visiting father off his back, Karen gets a job at The Jockey.

Episode 202 Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Peter Lydon January 11, 2005 #202
Kev and Veronica get a visit from a Social Worker and foster a troubled young boy. Kev helps him learn to defend himself from the school bullies bothering him.

Episode 203 Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Peter Lydon January 18, 2005 #203
Veronica and Carol battle over the local gardening competition, first prize a years free rent. Frank is left to look after Delia and Nigel and The Jockey is raided by the police and closed for serving past closing hours

Episode 204 Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh January 25, 2005 #204
Tony discovers Steve's car full of money and drugs when he steals it as a joke, causing Tony to attempt a sting of the drug dealers Steve is dropping off to which goes wrong, resulting in a warrant for Steve's arrest and him having to flee Chatsworth.

Episode 205 Writer: Phil Nodding Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 1, 2005 #205
Lip is framed for burglary, Debbie rents out video's copied from Kash's shop only for someone to accidentally return a sex tape featuring the local lollipop lady!

Episode 206 Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Dearbhla Walsh February 8, 2005 #206
Lip gets Mandy pregnant while she is pretending to be Ian's girlfriend to cover his sexuality, leading to the Maguire's welcoming Ian to the family, so long as he marries Mandy! Fiona is mugged.

Episode 207 Writer: Amanda Coe Director: David Evans February 15, 2005 #207
Liam swallows Fiona's contraceptive tablets leading to a visit from a Social Worker, only the social worker happens to be a girl Fiona bullied in school, Fiona has sex with new man Craig.

Episode 208 Writer: John Griffin Director: David Evans February 22, 2005 #208
Fiona quits her job and admits she's pregnant by Craig, Frank is coerced into suing the Karib's when he injures himself on their door, forcing them to close the shop.

Episode 209 Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst Director: Dearbhla Walsh March 1, 2005 #209
Debbie helps Marty prepare for his court case, Craig plans to take Fiona away to relieve her pregnancy stress but his separated wife Sue is jealous and seeks a showdown with Fiona.

Episode 210 Writer: Paul Abbott Director: Dearbhla Walsh March 8, 2005 #210
Kash runs for Chatsworth Councillor against racist Bernie Creme, Lillian's husband is killed in an accident by Carl causing the Gallaghers to scramble to get him off the hook, Frank takes the dead man's identity to claim his benefits in exchange for looking after his dog, but attempts to kill it instead, with comical results. Fiona and Steve's last episode.


Main cast

Secondary cast

Frank's Intro Speech

Now nobodies saying the Chatsworth Estate is the Garden of Eden but it's been a 
good home to us. To me Frank Gallagher and me kids, who I'm proud of 'cause every 
single one of them reminds me a little of me. They can all think for themselves, 
which they've me to thank for. Fiona who's a massive help, Lip who's a bit of a 
gobshite which is why nobody calls him "Phillip" anymore. Ian, a lot like his mam 
which is handy for the others because she's disappeared into thin air and Carl, 
we daren't let him grow his hair for two reasons, one it stands on end and makes 
him look like Toyah, two nits love it. Debbie! Sent by God, total angel, you've 
to check your change but she'll go miles out of her way to do you a favour plus 
Liam, gonna be a star, once we've got the fits under control. Sheila, me bird, 
couldn't be happier, one plate short of a full set like. Fantastic 
neighbours Kev and Veronica, lend ya anything, well not anything but all of them, 
to a man know first a foremost one of the most vital necessities in this life 
is they know how to throw a party! Scatter!
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