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Series Eleven is the final series of Shameless. The series had a run of 14 episodes[2] and began airing Tuesday 26 February, 2013 at 10PM on Channel 4[3] after ending filming in January.Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name A selection of past characters returned for the finale including Jody Latham as Lip Gallagher,[4] Anne-Marie Duff as Fiona Gallagher[5] as well as others detailed below.


Despite being the final series, Series 11 saw the introduction of some new characters as Jamie Maguire discovers he is not a full Maguire and introduces the Chatsworth to his Muslim half brother Kassi and his Jewish culinary obsessed wife Esther who arrive with their three children, Tam, Thalia and Saul.

Mimi made saving the local school her personal mission while Frank climbed the employment ladder as the janitor at "St. Mimi's" School and got caught up with the Gastric Bandits - a prostitute two-some known as Sherilee and Derilee.

Fresh from the end of her marriage, Avril was forced to move in with her overbearing sister Patreesha and niece Mare Mae . Chesney expanded Chesco even more by adding a chemist section, run by 'white Muslim atom bomb on a timer' Remona.

And Lip Gallagher returned to the Chatsworth for the first time since leaving in Series 5, only to show that nothing has changed between him and Frank.


Main cast

Notable New Cast


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Episode 11.1 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Norton Walker February 26, 2013 #11.1
The Chatsworth residents celebrate being awared an Olympic ring from London 2012. The Maguires celebrate the expansion of their business with Mimi taking control of the local schools PTA. Business is doing well until Jamie suddenly walks away, can he be convinced to take up the reigns again? Meanwhile Frank's new job as janitor at "St. Mimi's School" is going well and he becomes involved with prostitute duo, Sherilee and Derilee, the Gastric Bandits.

Episode 11.2 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Dominic Leclerc March 5, 2013 #11.2
Mimi enlists her friends and family to help stop the school from failing an inspection. Frank discovers an unexpected perk of his job as caretaker. Jamie has a change of heart and attempts to contact his half-brother Kassi. Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair.

Episode 11.3 Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Paul Norton Walker March 12, 2013 #11.3
Lillian asks Kelly to retrieve her savings (stashed in a railway station locker) to keep it from the police. Lillian thinks there is only £4000, as she never counts it, but when Kelly finds more than double that amount she must choose what means more: money or Lillian. Patreesha throws Avril a party. Headmaster Banbury is forced to go to Mimi for help again.

Episode 11.4 Writer: Sean Conway Director: Dominic Leclerc March 19, 2013 #11.4
Jamie finds that he and Kassi are more alike than he realized when his new brother's house is raided by the police. Kassi refuses to explain however but does request Jamie find a place in Chatsworth for his family to live. Kelly and Marty attract some unwelcome attention when the estate becomes suspicious of their new wealth, which the couple decide to use to buy a house.

Episode 11.5 Writer: Mark Brotherhood Director: Daikin Marsh March 26, 2013 #11.5
Kassi is arrested and denied bail, he could be looking at 10 years in prison, which is why Jamie and Karen are so confused by Esther's lack of interest. Chesney makes plans to expand the shop but certain clues leave him worried that new business partner, Remona, is a terrorist. Avril discovers the real reason for the trouble in Patreesha's marriage.

Episode 11.6 Writer: Jack Lothian Director: Gordon Anderson April 2, 2013 #11.6
The old man Aidan has befriended commits suicide without leaving a note, forcing Aidan to go to Dom for help. However when Aidan begins flashing the cash and driving the dead man's car around, Dom begins to worry that Aidan murdered him. A depressed Esther and Frank become good friends and bond over alcohol, but Esther's daughter Thalia is less than pleased and hatches a plan to be rid of Frank.

Episode 11.7 Writer: Jimmy Dowdall Director: Paul Norton Walker April 9, 2013 #11.7
The time for Shane's long planned music festival has arrived but when Mimi discovers that he has been sleeping with "pig" Sergeant Randall, everything begins to go wrong. Aidan and Letitia stage a fake robbery of Chesco in a bizarre attempt to get Mary Mae and Chesney together.

Episode 11.8 Writer: Loren McLaughlan & Amy Roberts Director: David Threlfall April 16, 2013 #11.8
Frank has a shock when he runs into Lip and Katie on the street. Katie is even more surprised however as her father told her Frank was an army chef and had been kidnapped by the Taliban! Bad feeling still remains between the father and son and arguments soon erupt while Mimi tries to stop her grand-daughter dressing like a boy.




Shameless Series 11 Channel 4

Series 11's New Intro

Frank's Intro Speech

Look at me, right, and look at the queen. I was never a fan, until it occurred to me how much me and "Mom" have in common -- bringing up kiddies you can't remember the names of.

I know she's not a single parent but she might as well be. Plus, the pair of us, we stuck to our guns --  her literally sometimes -- and flagshipped a dying breed. Admired and despised equally -- not for never lifting a finger, no -- for setting examples through extremity. And whether you're a bigwig on her end, or a bigwig on mine, you still got all your dickheads in the middle to deal with -- snip, snip, snipping at your benefits.

I mean, she can't not be looking at me and thinking, "what's your secret, Frank?" I got shot of my kids yonks back, whereas she's yet to see the back of a single one.

Aye, I've had to get out of bed on occasion to make ends meet, whereas she, she's done the whole thing from a chair. (Oh, and a drink for the lady.) (Oh sure, there's perks.)

But look at her lot -- Brian May prancing about on her roof. Now, look at my lot. We know how to throw a proper fucking party!


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